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Well I just ordered my 2 month supply of MYOSTAT. Obviously I cant’ wait till I get it, but in the meantime maybe some of the Biotest Smart guys can answer a few questions for me.

  1. What is the suggested serving size?
  2. If it is 1000mg/day has any studies been done to see what the effects are at higher dosages?
  3. What approx percentage of Myostatin is being blocked(bound)?
  4. Does the percentage go up with higher dosages of Myostat or does it even matter?
  5. Do you expect to have it in stock again after my 2 months supply runs out or should I buy another 2 months worth just in case?
  6. What have you seen with some of the Biotest Lab Rats(TC and the like) as far as results on Humans?

Thanks for keeping up on the leading edge.