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Myostat and muscle soreness

I have been on myostat for around 70 days and i have seen pretty good development all over my body. It is damn near impossible for me to get really sore now like i would before after a workout. What is the reason for this?; i almost feel superhuman or soemthing. Has anyone been on for longer than me or noticed a similar effect? How have everyone’s results been? I still have another 5 months’ worht stowed away… this next year should be interesting…

I still get sore while on Myostat. Of course, soreness is not the goal of weight training and many would argue that it isn’t necessary at all, or at the very least, that it’s a poor indicator of an effective workout, so I wouldn’t sweat it. That said, I’m seeing alot of growth in my hard-to-grow muscles like calves. I’m on my 3rd bottle.

I’ve been taking Myostat for approximately 80 days and I, too, have experienced a noticable difference in development and body composition. However, I do not feel that it has done anything to enhance my recovery, as I still experience DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) while using Myostat. I was initially skeptical about the efficacy of Myostat and the theories behind it, but I must admit, I am beginning to make more rapid, high quality gains with it. I should have known better as I’ve had great success with every Biotest Supplement that I’ve used (MAG-10, 4-AD-EC, Andro/Nandrosol, Methoxy-7, Powerdrive, MD6 [I miss you!], T-2, M, Tribex 500). I’d also like to point out that I’ve been training for around 6 years, and am very objective when taking supplements (trying not to fall for the placebo effect). I point this out because I feel that many newbies confuse the placebo effect with the relatively rapid gains they can make in the early years of training. Has anyone else had any sucess with Myostat?

I was on Myostat for 2 1/2 months and saw little to no benefit from it. As far as I could tell it didnt do anything for me.

I am only on my first bottle and was just curious what doses you guys are taking. What you do if you miss a dose? Are you using alone or stacked?


I have experienced good results from Myostat. I know some are skeptical about it but I have been on it since July with good results. I’m not genetically gifted and was lacking in the strength dept, but due to Myostat, Tribex, Mag-10, Methoxy-7 and Surge(favorite). I have come along way and have further to go. I feel Surge helps me more with DOMS. So far me and my training partner have no complaints. Its been 4 months so its not placebo. Continued success to all and GOD Bless. AJ

It would be cool to get some more posts on this one. I think a lot of us a curious about the results people are experiencing with myostat. Please keep posting.

I have been taking 2000mgs/day for the last 2 weeks, but I had begun to see results at 1000mg/day. I am increasing the dosage as per Biotest’s recommendation.

I’m into the second two weeks of the mag-10 cycle and am also using the Myostat ( 4 caps a day) Started both at the same time. I have noticed a marked decrease in muscle soreness which I atributed to the Mag-10. Perhaps its actually the Myostat. To early to say how its working but the over all effects are there. Im getting a noticeable mass increase and power is up. For an old dude like me the reduction in soreness is a big benifit. I dont mind craweling out of the gym after a real nut buster, hell it lets me know I’ve been working. Then again the following mornings were getting to be very hard to face. It might be worth some of the bigger brains in here having a look at this factor and why is it happening. From my bumb animal point of view if I’m working harder and not getting as sore something is working right. But what?

It really doesn’t make any sense that Myostat would reduce DOMS. It is not a recovery supplement. I’ve been using the stuff since late June and haven’t noticed any reduction in DOMS whatsoever.

I do have another thought though. The plant that Biotest is extracting the CSP-3 from is called Cystoseira. Now I know that Biotest uses a certain strain of Cystoseira, but before Biotest was making Myostat there were companies selling this plant as an anti-oxidant. So maybe it’s possible that some of you are getting less sore due to an anti-oxidant effect. (This does not mean you can get the myostatin blocking effect from taking another product that is simply Cystoseira.)

Anyone else have any opinions on this? Maybe the new paper mag will have some answers for us as it is supposed to have a Myostat Roundtable included.

Just to tell everyone my experience so far. I have been using Myostat since June and have noticed that I am becoming more and more vascular, have had consistent gains (slow but steady), and am leaning out (however, I am trying to).

The plot thickens guys. Normal soreness returned when I stopped the Mag-10 and went into recovery, but still using the Myostat along with Tribex and “M” as directed. I have felt and now truly question if the reduction in soreness is not due to the Mag-10 rather than Myostat. I’m 55 and my biggest problem is I just do not know when to quit. Something just drives me to try one more rep with just a few more kilos on the what ever it may be. I get sore. Make that SORE as hell! So when I started this cycle and found that the soreness was radically reduced I could have kissed TC’s ugly mug and the rest of the guys at BioTest too. There is something in this and I for one want to encourage the “Big Brains” around here to check it out further. We maybe onto more than we realise.