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myostat and mag 10

Should I take myostat along with Mag 10? Or, should I save the myostat to use after I complete a couple of cycles of 10? Also, I have used methoxy-7 with good results. Is this something that can/should be used with 10 and/or myostat? Thanks

Using m10 alone should be enough. You need to find out how the other supplements would interact w/ m10 so as to not negate its effects

i thought i read on t-mag that myostat would be great to use with androgens. Consider the fact that you will be training with higher frequency and volume and that you will do more muscle damage. Also the androgens boost protein synthesis so you will grow muscle faster. laters pk

Whaaaaat?!? No other supplement is going to “negate” the effect of MAG-10. The only way you WON’T see gains with MAG-10 is if you don’t have your diet/training dialed in.

Use the Myostat with the Mag10. Depending on the dosage and duration of your Mag10 cycle, you may want to consider Tribex and M after the Mag10. Continue the Myostat after your Mag10 cycle as well.