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Myostat and genetic limits

Is myostat similar to Mag10 in that the user should probably wait until he has reached his genetic ceiling? Or, because it causes growth of new muscle cells (which cannot be achieved through training) is it something that can/should be used by trainees at all levels?

Bump for anyone who has ideas on this - I would also like to know. Also would anyone who has been on Myostat for an extended period of time like to share their results. I’m very interested to know.

Gentic limitations are an ultimate “ceiling” and are very difficult to push past once you get to them, but I don’t see how they’re doing you any good on the way there. The only reason I would see NOT to use Myostat (assuming that it’s a product you want to use) would be that there must be an immense feeling of satisfaction for people who have not made any progress in something like 10 years, regardless of diet and training. Aside from that, hyperplasia is only going to help your gains.

I have been on Myostat for about 6 weeks, and I can tell that I have better definition on my arms and shoulders. Also, I have gained strength after coming off of a 2 week Mag 10 cycle, and I didn’t take tribex or m after I came off. I have not gained any weight, but that is not my goal right now.

Any long term users of Myostat who have isolated themselves from other supplements during their use of Myostat. I realize that Myostat is billed as a supplement that could help others supplements be more effective but I’m more interested in Myostat results by itself.

According to Shugart on another thread, many are reporting gains in areas that have been stuck for years, like calves. He suggests to watch the stalled body parts for the first signs it’s working.