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myostat and fat loss

In reading some of the achives, I see alot about hypertrophy, but not a lot about fat loss. Anybody who hasn’t changed their diet experienced that yet?

it sure hasnt helped my bodyfat! But it might have helped me get stronger… im not sure

Yes, I couple of people posted a while back that they’d lost some fat without a change in diet. Both had used about 2 bottles I think. I don’t think it should be used as a fat loss product though, just a “genetic ceiling remover.” Do what you always do, but take Mysostat. Although there has been some talk that performing negatives may be helpful while “on”.

I started Myostat and 4 AD two weeks ago and am leaning out big time. I also started Meltdown a couple of weeks ago and that could have something to do with it. I’m getting off the 4 AD tomorrow and going with Methoxy for a couple of weeks. I think someone is going to have to just do what was posted earlier and just use Myostat for a few months to determine it’s effectiveness. I got great results from Androsol and I’m getting much better results now so it’s either the Myostat or Meltdown or both.