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Myosaurus: How Do You Train?


This monster just shows up out of nowhere on these forums and expects not to be seen? lol

Sorry to put you on the spot, brother. But could you enlighten us with your info, insight, and experience in the gym, stage, and dinner table?

I'm sure I speak for everyone here in thanking you in advance.


^Awesome pic! Waiting to hear the dirt as well! :slight_smile:



I don't know who that is and thought this was going to be another one of those fake call outs of some skinny fat guy. Apparently not.


Why would someone block out the back of thier head, lol. I can understand the face.


No, this is a callout FROM some skinny fat guy!



Good call, when I saw that guys picture I was also wondering the same thing. If he sticks around it would be amazing!






Maybe he really does have eyes in the back of his head... Impressive physique though.


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Maybe he is a real life Predator?


i really hope he gives some input.


holy shizzle


Wow impressive physique.


Knowing people with that physique even posts here makes me think there's still hope for this place.


holy shit I come back from work and all these posts about me... quite flattering guys. I've been lurking for a while but decided to join for more John Meadow articles. I actually competed with John in same class and actually beat him that year. my current split is:
day 1 chest/bis/abs
day 2 quads/hams/calves
day 3 off
day 4 delts/tris/abs
day 5 back/traps
day 6 & 7 off(may do back on day 6)
the most productive workout I tried was high volume(sets of same exercises, 4-8 x 6 reps) with same weights with long rests between sets like 2-4 minutes. so my typical chest routine would be:
flat bench: WU with 135/12, 185/10, 225/6, 275/6. then do sets of 6 with 315 as many sets as I can handle for 6, it usually ended up 5 sometimes 6 sets
incline BB: 135/6, 185/6, 225/6, 315/4-6
dips: body weight/6, 45/6, 90/6, 90/4-6

wide grip chins 4 x 6 reps
behind neck pulldown med-wide grip: 120/20, 160/10, 200/6, 220/6
BB row slight incline(15-20 degrees) med grip to hips: 135/6, 225/6, 315/6(usually 4 sets)
deads off floor: 135/5, 225/5, 315/5, 405/5, 495/3-5
cable upright row to overhead 100/6, 120/6, 140/6, 160/6
supersetted with
stiff arm pulldown 12 inch grip space and bent over for extra stretch, roughly same weight as upright row.

as you can see I was a low rep guy with many sets. but with yrs of training and wear and tear was inevitable so I'm using lesser sets and reps on most exercises now. part of reason why I'm looking into John Meadow's training. below is a quad routine I used during pre-contest back in 1998...
deep squat: 225(no warm up) 50 rep, then finish the rest of 50 reps(totalling 100) in 2-3 sets(25, 18, 7)
medex leg press: 300/15, 400/15, 400/15
db front lunge: 45lbs 3 sets x 10 each
incline sit-ups(for hip flexors and upper quads) 2-3 sets x 20 with 25lb plates

above 3 routines all have different principles and the back routine is more like how I'm training today.


Thats a pretty cool method of training and damn impressive physique glad to have someone like you around


That's the same split i'm using lol
I don't look nearly as good though =(


great physique!


Outstanding physique, man

How long do your workouts usually take since you're training 4 days a week? I feel like I'd be in the gym for 2 hours each day to get everything done. I suppose there's a reason you (and JM, I've noticed as well) have gravitated toward training that few days a week with longer workouts rather than 5-6 days with shorter workouts?