Question for blade_myr (or anyone else who wants to chime in)

Thanks for the clarification you gave in the thread in CTs forum. My question to you then would be, as someone who has trained in a somewhat myo rep based protocol for the last 6 weeks and made great progress, and is now attempting to integrate some of CT’s ideas, where you see the two methodologies overlapping when it comes to the topic of maximum hypertrophy. Although I see some similar ideas in muscle activation and stimulation, I was wondering if you could bridge the two for me? What would you suggest in relation to Christian’s proposed plans outlined in the other thread, or even I,BODYBUILDER in general?

Thanks for your time and patience, I have learned so much from your training methodologies and posts on other forums (for those not following, Blade is the acclaimed creator of the myoreps system so popular overseas, and has been discussing training with CT. This is my attempt to pick his brain :slight_smile: )


I’ve used the ramping protocol for a long time, as mentioned in the other thread. The only difference is somewhat larger weight jumps on the lighter loads, then you “slow down” as you reach the top set.

You then integrate Myo-reps by:

  1. Dropping the load about 10% then do the Myo-rep series of 3-5 reps


60kg x 5
70kg x 5
80kg x 5
90kg x 5
95kg x 5
100kg x 5 - top set

90kg x 5+5+5 (Myo-reps series, sets of 5 until you can’t do 5 anymore, rest period 15-30secs)

  1. Dropping the load 20-30%, then a regular Myo-rep set


80kg x 11 +3+3+3+3

  1. Switching exercise, then a reguler Myo-rep set, e.g. decline bench for the 5 rep exercise, then chest dips for 9-12 +3x

So CT will do a giant set circuit in the 8-12 rep range, I’ll use less exercises and Myo-reps…although I won’t hesitate to experiment with combinations of giant sets, supersets and Myo-reps.

It’s basically a combination of heavy mechanical stimulus and some metabolic/lighter work to get in volume - all of it auto-regulated, of course…

Example is very similar to Pavel’s Bear. A very effective program for mass.

Now that the four horsemen book is dead, will you be releasing anything on your own?


Yes, there’s a book in the works…it’s about 70% complete so whenever I can get some free time to finish it between running my own business and taking on too many clients. And stay away from forums for a while :slight_smile:

Good to see you here on the forum, Boerge!
Fra Norge selv også :slight_smile: