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Myoplex Low Carb Bars

Hey, guys, just a heads up on the new Myoplex low carb bars. They taste good but they seem to be playin the “liar’s poker” game to the max. The label does warn that Glycerine and oligofrutose contained in the total calorie count but are not included as carbs. Now they claim 3 grams of carbs,(12) 28 grams of protein (112) and 6 grams of fat (54). Now that’s 178 out of 240 total calories. So 62 unaccounted for calories!!!..what is the bottem line? How do you think the body handles glycerine and oligofrutose??Bill?? Chris??Anyone??

They might be playing the lie game to the max, but what company doesn’t. THese are the first bars that i have found that I can actually eat. I don’t like any of the WWS or any other ones. THese bars taste tremendous,but I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

So it’s another 16 grams of carbs it seems.
It’s been stated before on this forum by one of the bright lads here that glycerine is treated just like a carb.
In Cy Willson’s article “The Forbidden Fruit” states fructooligosacchrides are pretty much fructose in fiber form, and that they cannot be digested, but are half as sweet as sugar.
So methinks that these bars contain an about 18 or 19 grams of carbs, if what I read was correct about glycerine.

I’m not sure about the oligofructose, but I know that glycerine has an extremely low rank on the glycemic index and causes little insulin response. It should be ok for those on low carb diets, but may cause a problem with a ketogenic diet. In some people ketosis can still be maintained while ingesting glycerine, but others should take caution and assume it will interupt ketosis.

Teddykgb what’s your take.???

I don’t know too much about the oligofructose deal, but the former explanation sounds logical. As far as glycerine goes, I still believe there’s a controversey surrounding its status as being a carb or not. One thing is for certain, each gram of glycerine yields 4.32 calories. Glycerin is a crystalline, viscous liquid formed when fat molecules split. Pretty much every company that makes bars uses glycerine for that smooth, soft texture and to make the bar easy to chew. It’s also used in other foodstuffs such as fudge, gelatin and gum for its platicizing properties. The supp companies get away with not listing it as a carb because it does not affect blood glucose or insulin levels. However, the FDA says it should be considered a carb.

I spoke to Lyle McDonald on the subject of glycerine a while back, and he basically said that glycerine affecting ketosis is an individual thing. Some are not affected, while others are more sensitive to it. I used to consume Atkins bars on a regular basis when I did my keto diets, and these contained both glycerine and polydextrose. I never got any negative effects, and at times I would consume a couple bars each day. The one thing you might want to do if you’re going to use the bars is take an additional EFA source w. them-this is what I did (talking about keto diets). Most of the low-carb bars don’t have near enough fat in them (for a keto diet), and the new EAS bar is a prime example. If you’re just doing a moderately low-carb diet it really doesn’t matter. I believe that insufficient fat intake is one of the primary reasons that a lot of people don’t function well on keto diets, not to mention excess muscle loss. There are so many people who want no part of higher fat on a diet such as Atkins or Bodyopus so they consume excess protein to try and compensate. I ran into a ton of these people when I was with GNC. And consequently, they don’t stick with the diet-they complain about how lousy they feel. If you’re going keto and you’ve never taken products containing glycerine and other “carb substitutes,” maybe pick up some ketosticks and check for differences, although keep in mind that the ketosticks don’t always tell the real story e.g. if you’re very active and on low cals you may not show any color change due to the excess ketones being burned up. Usually you should show at least a trace level of ketones if you’re on the right track.

Timbo do you think it will effect Keto???

resurrected this thread to ask if there’s been any new info since it was written. on a keto diet and just bought a dozen of these things in hope that they wont throw me out of ketosis. now i read that they have up to 18 g of carbs. anyone use em while on a keto diet? please share any results/experience…

Netrition has an excellent article on this very subject in their latest edition of their “Naturally Ripped” newsletter. It’ll answer virtually every question you could have on this subject. Very informative.

true—thanks a lot, its a great article! i feel somewhat reassured as i devour my (goodtasting) myoplex cookie n cream low carb bar

Sweet questions, and I’ll provide my experience:
Briefly, as i have stated elsewhere on this forum, I use a SKD with no carb up for the duration of my “cut phase.” I have opted for this after lengthy correspondance with both Lyle and J.B. and my own personal research findings.

On the SKD, EAS Carb Control bars (the smaller version of the Myoplex) are one of my staples. Here’s why. For me, the glycerine (calculated at an average of 11g per bar) does not affect me being in ketosis. Keep in mind as well, that becuase the bars are comprised of fractionated palm kernel oils, their saturated fat is primarily MCT fat, which facilitates, or maintains a mild state of ketogenesis depending on your current status of being in ketosis. Drinking one or two cups of black coffee may also help to promote or maintain the state.

When i go on keto, I make sure that at least 1/4 or more of the fat I am consumming is indeed MCT fat. I also notice that my deepest periods of ketosis are after a moderately high fat meal following my workout (ex: 1 portion of salmon, 1 slice real cheese, 1 TBSP real mayo), however, I always show trace readings during the early morning or pre-bed hours. I also wanted to point out that I get in and maintain ketosis on the following avg. macronutrient profile:
25gCHO; 75-80fat; 250-280Pro (+/- 10g on pro/fat depending on how low I cut calories)–so you see, its not the “traditional”’ 3 to 1 keto ratio, but after repeated use of the diet, I believe the body becomes programmed to get in and stay in.

In regards to oligofructose, I can say this. It is a subgroup of inulin, consisting of polymers found widely distributed in nature as plant storage cho. It is NOT digested in the upper gastrointestinal tract and therefore has a reduced caloric value (1.5kcal/g). It also stimulates the development of intestinal bifidobacteria and DOES NOT lead to a rise in serum glucose or stimulate insulin secretion. One benefit of it on a keto diet is that it does provide some element of fiber, which, on a keto, you are going to be lacking anyway. All in all, in my frank opinion, it is a very valuable part of both the bar, and is a healthy ingredient to be utilizing while on keto (as keto is primarily modulated by insulin, not necessarily CHO intake TO A DEGREE).

One final question actually: Those on this forum that claim on keto, you should not cut calories–were you bulking or cutting? Also, has anyone, drug free, did a keto diet at maintenance or above maintenance calories and lost fat while putting on lean mass at the same time–to ANY degree?..Could you legitimately document those gains/losses if someone were to come and take anthropometric measures? If you truly believe so, I would be truly interested, as I have a theory on one possibility…But I do, in all honesty, find this hard to believe…but I do want to hear–and then i will divulge my theory.

Later T-Playaz.

This is an axample of nit-picking, and paranoia, talk of splitting hairs! It is nice to know that you have all this spare time to do this stuff. Share us your secrets so I can apply it to working out.

I’ve heard that the FDA is cracking down on this more and more… check out Designer Protien bars, and a few other ones… the “Glycerol is not a carb” message is no longer there, and it’s counted in the carb count (as a “sugar alcohol” I believe). BTW, this only seems to be in the last batch or two that the labels changed.

Vain - good points, i’m a bit confused on what you mean by SKD (is that cyclic?..im going on day 4 of this thing, and i feel the worst is behind me, although my family doesn’t seem to get what’s goin on…my mom insists on baking cakes at a feverish pace and buying (cold) cereals i pestered her to buy about 5 months ago (when i didnt give a rats ass about health/nutrition/etc)…so the temptations are continuing to mount. but i plan on doing this ckd with about a 2 week period of ketosis followed by a medium carbup (12 hrs, 50%carbs, 50%prot). for the record ive already dropped around 20 pounds since january just by cuttin out the shit in my diet…before january i literally ate EVERYTHING in gigantic proportions (we’re talkin 4 bowls of cinnamon toast crunch for breakfast, 2 extra value meals for lunch, and a DEEEZAL dinner w. countless snacks) and my weight just stayed at 210…i was a slob (i have a before picture)…anyway now im down to about 14.5 bf% and tryin to cut down to the single digits by summer with this modified CKD…so we’ll see