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Myoplex low carb bar

Are these really low carb bar ? The label stated 6g Fat, 3g Carb and 30g protein which according to my estimate is about 186 calories. But the package say total calories is 240g - the reason being Glycerine and Oligofructose are included in the calories count but are not include as carbohydrate. A search on the web suggest Oligofructose is a form of complex carb so does this mean the amount of carb is A LOT higher than stated i.e. 18g ?

my understanding is that although the ingredients you mentioned are carb-like they do not cause a significant increase in insulin levels so they are pretty much harmless. i don’t think these bars (in moderation) will negatively impact a low carb/keto diet if that’s a concern. there a lot worse things you could eat. kevo