MyogenX Experience

Alright, as I posted in another thread, I am taking MyogenX, which is formulated by Anthony Roberts. The product contains Fadogia Agrestis (pubmed article exists), Vit E, and Zinc.

The main reason I’m taking this product is to boost T levels with doing mid-distance running. I find once I get around a certain mileage, I get tired easily and there’s a drop in libido, which could signal low T-levels.

There are other reviews at other boards and people take anywhere from 3 to 6 caps/day. In the study, with 18mg/kg/day, there was a 100% increase in T levels in the rats. I haven’t read too much of anybody actually taking 3/day, so I went with that first. Currently I’m 190 lbs, so 3 caps puts me just below (50 mg) of the 18 mg/kg protocol. I also wanted to keep dosage lowered because there have been reports of slight gyno and I have an existing case of pubertal gyno already.

After the first 2 days of taking myogenx, I noticed pumps in my arms and back while running. Basically felt like I just got done with a back and arms workout.

The next 2 days were off day (weekend) in which I did no running.

Days 5-6 were chest and back days with 4 and 6 mile runs. Again, while I’m running I have this feeling that my arms/shoulders/back are pumped. Two days after chest day and usually my shoulders and chest are pretty sore, but the soreness isn’t really existent. Also, while I’m lifting I’ve noticed I can handle a bit more weight or what I’ve been doing has become a little easier.

As far as libido goes, days 1 through 3 were about the same and the change came with day 4. Increased libido, a little more energy than usual. Right now, I can compare the libido and feeling of “well-being” to that of running TRIBEX gold for a couple weeks.

1 1/2 weeks done and I’m feeling good. There’s definitely a noticeable firmness and the pumps are basically still there. Getting a little less sleep sometimes, but I’m feeling about the same for my energy levels. Definitely the same feeling as on TRIBEX (boosted libido, strength gains, recovery time, etc).

If I could parallel this to one product I use, I’d say it’s a lot like ZMA in what has happened. I’ve probably gotten the best boost from ZMA versus anything else.

Note: I was also experiencing some vivid dreams, more so than just taking ZMA alone.

Alright 3 weeks after first starting the MyogenX and I have no regrets purchasing it. It’s definitely proved it’s worth for repeat buyings.

My lifts have gone up slightly while increasing my distance and intensity of running. I’m either at a higher weight or the same weight after doing a workout on the track that I was using after doing a short 2 miler a couple weeks back.

Again, there is the great sleep I’m getting. Before the myogenx, I would toss and turn, now I realize I wake up in about the same position I fell asleep. I’m not sure how much more I can explain as I have posted almost everything else in the last two posts.

When I order my next bottle (or two), I’m pretty sure I’m going to up the dosage to 4 or 5 caps/day, but not 6 caps/day, as there were lower than normal recovered T levels in the high dosage group.

After setting the dosage for the myogenx, even if I keep it the same, I plan to incorporate cyogenx, just to see if it has any additional effects. I swear I can feel the difference each day if I don’t take my Indole 3 Carbinol supplement.