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Myogenic Tone Discussion

Hi coach, I was wondering, since you’re actually one of the very few coaches I’ve seen mentioning it here, what do you think is the best or not just “the best” cause there isn’t a true “best” methods for improving Myogenic tone, I find hard tone muscle more impressive than just “big” ones…

Any neurological-intensive method… heavy weights, explosive work, speed work, high skill movements gymnastic exercises)

More specifically one thing that always seemed to have a great impact on muscle hardness for me is heavy cluster sets.

Can this be overdone? Excessive explosive work/high CNS type of activties leading to a decline in myogenic tone?

I might be mixing the signal, but I would contrast what happens when i do a full body super high voulme workout (lots of heavy lifting, lots of heavy deadlifts). And entire body is flat & smaller.

Vs. a carbed up concentrated work (just one lift for isntance) and the musculature looks much fuller/higher tone.

This is also funny because when I think of bodybuilders with the full round muscles, they are usually about that pump and engorging it with blood. The opposite would be a boxer or crossfit guy who barely looks like he lifts (but does plenty of explosive work, speed work, high skill etc0>

It will happen when too much neurological work leads to CNS fatigue. It’s actually a pretty good way to evaluate it.

And yes, “rounder” bodybuilders tend to be more about the pump… fast twitch fibers are more superficial and slow/intermediate fibers deeper inside the muscle. Sarcoplasmic hypertrophy could also play a role

That’s actually amazing and funny cause lately I’ve been reading and searching more and more about clusters cause I’ve been doing them for the past few days and I love it. Do you prefer the 1 rep, 2 rep or 3 rep, or do you think it’s more of a personal preference?