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Myofibrillar Training

Hi i am just wondering will myofibrillar training work towards what sort of physique? got any links and also what sort of training program i be able to use for this for arms what can i do for myofibrillar? in the image is that myofibrillar (6-7 reps) or a mixture of both (8-10reps)

Cheers looking forward to the advice

ps what sort of myofibrillar workout i can have for biceps and back and chest? thanks!

What do you think myofibrillar means?

[quote]eza222 wrote:

workout i can have for biceps and back and chest? [/quote]



Okay, I will tell you a brutal program that will give you insane amounts of myofibrillar hypertrophy.

First you must squat as far down as you can get with a high bar position with a neutral back, so probably about three or four inches below parallel. Then find a weight than you can barely do for 10 reps.

What you need to do then is not rerack the weight, but take a couple of breaths, and go for another rep which will be rep 11, then breath three times and do rep 12, the four times for rep 13, then five times for rep 14, then take as many breaths as needed between reps, by this time your legs will feel as though they are full of lead, do a 15th rep and keep going until you have done 20 and take as much rest between reps as needed, but do not by any means rerack the weight, you want to have a couple of good spotters, or squat in a power rack with the pins right below your lowest position you can squat.

Next for the other stuff in the program, incline bench for four sets of 10-12 and work on a good MMC, then some type of row, preferably a very bent over row with strict form focusing on your mid back about 4X8-10
stiff legged deadlift 2X15 don’t half ass them, and you start with your knees pretty much locked when at the starting position, focus on a stretch in the hamstrings and go as low as you can keep a neutral lower back (small amounts of upper back rounding is fine)
proceed to do some bent over pronated grip rear delt raises 3X20, 30 second rest between sets and also standing barbell curls 3X10 relatively low rest, and non sloppy form you want to focus on the mind muscle connection instead of the weight for these two.

Eat a decent calorie surplus (gain about a pound of bodyweight a week give or take) from clean food (steak, potatoes, cheese, eggs, oats, rice, milk, ect), and do this program three days a week, focus on adding at least 5 pounds a day to the squat and stiff legged deadlift, for the other lifts whenever you hit the prescribed reps with the form mentioned.

Look up Elliot Hulse on youtube