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Myofibrillar Growth & Conditioning – The Program

Hello guys

Has anyone done this before? How are the results? I think Pavel is a pure genious and Craig D Marker is one as well…

You think this could be done with only one arm presses?

“Note: The program below is a byproduct of a strength-endurance protocol for athletes that I worked on with strength coach Pavel Tsatsouline. Trainees who used the program routinely complained about their clothing no longer fitting properly: their shoulders got bigger and their waist sizes got smaller.”

It would be nice if they posted some of these results or if the two guys looked like they lifted themselves.

Haven’t tried the program, but interspersing lifting with hard conditioning is a time-tested general method many coaches have used, so it’s solid.

Landmine presses are listed as a possible alternative, so 1-arm presses should be fine.

Why would they posts more info about the results of a program that’s not being explained in the article?

Dr. Marker isn’t quite a pencilneck labcoat.

Pavel is easily in the Top 10 most influential and legit coaches in the last 25 years. 6’ and 180 with abs isn’t exactly DYEL territory, either.