myo-stat & creatine

I was wondering: Could a myo-stat/creatine stack lead to excelerated “new” muscle growth? The myo-stat, from my understanding, would allow for new cells to grow whilst the creatine could produce an ideal state in which these new cells could establish/grow. Is my logic sound? I am willing to wait a little longer for mass if it in fact will be brand new mass. This could be the answer to my current dilema. I have underdeveloped lats and deltoids and it seems to take forever for permenant growth to occur no matter what I do. It is my belief that my genes are playing a role. These particular muscle groups seem to not respond like other groups in my body and if I could produce new muscle I could premanently change this situation. I am looking for proformance muscle not ripped freakishness and these weak muscle groups are severly limiting my athletic potential.