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Myo-Deterioration From Injection?

i have no history of muscle injuries in more than 10 years of weight training.

Last leg day it seems i tore/strained the rectus femoris near the hip during leg pressing a moderate amount (16 plates @ 10 reps) during my 2nd rep.

ended the workout & waited a week

today was leg day, and I didnt make it to leg presses. during power-squats @ 12 plates the muscle noticably “popped” at my 9th-10th rep…still a warm-up weight.

from what ive seen online, its the rectus femoris near the hip insertion.
doesnt hurt dramatically, but there is minor pain.

Now to the point:

Ive injected near that site, on the side of the leg, and mid-quad on the outer edge, and there still remains an elongated bulge. almost looks like a new muscle.

My question is… is it possible the gear has weakened the tissue?

any possibility of the T400 alcohol content perm-killing tissue in that area?

Of course an MRI would be best…but I dont feel like paying a Dr. $ to tell me “your hurt, dont lift”.

Anyway…any feedback on this long-ass rant?


Also… i read a post RE: Rehad…and bushido… mentions Winstrol as being BAD for tendon recovery…so… i shouldnt use this to aid my recovery then yes?



Just about everyone arrives at the thread below when looking up AAS that are good for joint health.


thanks for that.

the thing is, ive not gotten stronger on legs from the gear…nothing ive not done being natural, and at less weight.

i dont see any reason for my tendons or connective tissue to be unable to maintain the weight im throwing at them…unless of course the winstrol just ruined my tendons/connective tissue…which would seriously be just a total fucking bunch of bullshit. what a waste.

im pretty pissed off as you can tell. ive never been injured lifting, outside of rupturing a disc preping for a show (100% my fault)…and this was during a warm-up weight…fucking lame.

f-word use is cathartic :slight_smile:


I really feel for you Synth. Of all the people on the board I’d have thought you would have gained most from a cycle, but it seems to have brought you nothing but problems.

IMO you’re spot on with the diagnosis. It does sound as though there is a weakening of the connective tissue at the proximal attachment of the RF. Winny is notorious for weakening the strength of connective tissue.

I’ve PM’d you a really good article by Elzi Volk. Hope it helps.


Thanks man, I appreciate that.

I think the biggest thing with my poor results is the quality of the product.

I will read the article.

I am totally bummed. My leg training has been a focus, and my weak points were shaping up nicely…now Im scared to put any weight on - sucks.


Specific gear that promotes connective tissue strengthening? without making it/them brittle?



[quote]syntheticMagic wrote:
Specific gear that promotes connective tissue strengthening? without making it/them brittle?


Deca and EQ.

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