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Myldenfort Training log


Gonna start a novice program next week, right now i have to asses my doctor to make sure i can lift safely. I have a history of lot’s of broken bones so i have to make sure. I’m only 16 so i want to make sure i stay healthy. I tried this routine last week:

Floor press: 40 kg X5
Row: 30 kg X5
Curl: 3X6
Deadlift: 50 kg X5

If you have any tips, feel free to write them down below.


Hey man , welcome to tnation. Id suggest checking out some programs on here but il recommend you a few; https://www.t-nation.com/training/guaranteed-muscle-mass
( this program is great, anything by paul carter is generallly good)

Now other things.
For lifting there are a few things you need to make progress.
1 Setting a goal
2 Nutrition
3 Training
4 sleep.
5. Its a marathon not a sprint.

Nutrition: You need to fuel your body with good nutritious foods and eat an adequate amount of protein, fat and carbs. You cant eat pizza and chips all the time and expect to get bigger and stronger etc. That being said you need balance and a pizza every now and then is ok just not five times a day.

Sleep: you need sleep to recover and grow. The better you sleep the better you recover.

Training: training doesnt matter as much as the others, but it still matters. Dont go to the gym and do random exercises / not follow some sort of plan or program. Find a good program and stick to it for a few months and evaluate progress.

Goal setting: you cant set 10 different goals and expect to achieve them all at once. Pick a couple of goals and work to achieve them.

Its a marathon not a sprint:
In terms of progress think months and years. Not days , hours or weeks. This way you wont be disappointed in yourself if you arent immortallly strong within a month. It takes along time.


My doctor finally said i can start doing hevier weights. This means i can finally start lifting. I’m training towards a 405 bench press. Will update more later, but i’m going to start following a training program. This is the beginning of a new chapter. I’ve laid out a plan that will take me towards my goal. I’m going for the world record bench, 182,5 kg in the 93 kg Sub Junior.


Cool man welcome back. Not to discredit you or anything but an 182kg bench is quite strong and at your current strength level and the fact that sub junior is under 18, that gives you about a year and a half to add over 100 kilos to your max bench. just remember it will take a long time to get there, alot longer then youd expect. Im not saying it isnt possible but unless your a genetic freak id say its highly unlikely to get to a 180 kilo bench within 2 years. Would you care to share the plan?


Well i broke it down like this: (It obviously won’t be completly linear)
By February: 100 kg X5 (125 kg)
The Layer system for two months: (20 kg gain) April: 145 kg
The layer system April- June: (10 kg gain): June: 155 kg
Bulgarian method 3 months: September: 175 kg


Are you going to be training other lifts as well?


@MarkKO @littlesleeper @brady888
Here is a few people that will be able to offer some assistance, hope you guys dont mind the tag.


Yes but i will not train them as intensly to give me more recovery for bench.


I don’t mind the tag Duke.

You covered the basics pretty well with your reply. Unless he has specific questions I’m not sure I can be of much value.

I also see that CT has been providing him some assistance in other threads as well.


Have any of you seen alphadestiny on youtube? If so, what do you think of him?


If your goal is a powerlifting related, it would be more beneficial to look elsewhere for advice. I don’t think he competes in powerlifting, and (could be wrong) has spoken at length about his dislike of the bench press.


Generally, the stronger your other lifts the stronger your bench press. You should in fact train legs with a higher intensity rate than anything else imo and Having a big squat will carryover to your bench press due to more leg drive strength etc. Also if your going to be aiming for such a high bench your lower body lifts should be stronger then your upper body lifts.


Don’t mind the tag at all.

I’m assuming you’re talking single ply? I’m no expert but if you can get your raw bench to around 140 kg in this time frame I figure you’ve got a shot at that record if you find a gym where they know single ply lifting really well and you get just about everything right in the next two years and don’t get injured. It’ll be down to how well you use your shirt.

It’s a long shot, though. I mean, if 40 kg is a working weight for you on floor press I’m guessing your raw bench isn’t even that close to 100 kg for one. So you’d need to get your raw bench to go up between 60 and 80 kg in under two years, while at the same time learning how to use a shirt at an elite level.

The more I look into it, the less likely it seems. You’d probably be better served by aiming for a 100 kg bench by the time you’re 18 and going from there.


Where you been man


The doctor :wink: