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Myky's Training Log

Starting new training log.

Yesterdays training 29.1.2021

Zercher squat 1x180kg 1x185kg 1x180kg

Hack deadlift 2x170kg 1x180kg 1x180kg

Weight before training 74kg

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Today’s training 30.1.2021

Bench press 2x110kg 1x115kg 1x115kg

Weighted chins 2x45kg 1x50kg 1x50kg

Barbell curls 10x45kg 9x45kg 8x45kg

Weight before training 74kg

Today’s workout 1.2.2021

Zercher Squat 2x177kg 2x170kg 2x162kg

Hack deadlift 2x180kg 2x180kg 1x185kg

Weight after training 75kg

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Looks like progress has been made from the old log! Still the same plan as before? How’s the physique these days?

Yeah plan is prety much same again, i really like high intensity minimalist training. Always trying to hit pr:s with everything i got in handfull of exercises, less is more imo! ! Physique wise i dont really know its hard to say i’m always to small and weak in my own eyes…

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Aren’t we all :joy:

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Yeah i guess so😂 happiness kills progression!!

Today’s workout 2.2.2021

Bench press 6x100kg 3x105kg 1x115kg

Weighted chins 4x40kg 3x40kg 3x40kg

Barbell curls 6x50kg 5x50kg 5x50kg

Weight after training 75kg

Today’s workout 6.2.2021

Zercher deadlift 1x140kg 1x145kg 1x130kg

Bench press 1x120kg 1x117kg 1x115

Weight after training 75kg

Today’s workout 7.2.2021

Zercher deadlift 1x150kg 1x145kg 1x135kg

Close bench 1x110kg 1x115kg 3x100kg

Weight after training 75kg

Today’s workout 11.2.2021

Zercher squat 1x180kg 3x160kg 3x160kg

Zercher deadlift 3x120kg 1x130kg 1x130kg

Weight after training 74kg

Been deloading thats why workout frequency has been low for couple weeks taking next three days totaly of and on monday geting back on track.