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MyHeritage Face Recognition

MyHeritage matches your facial features to those of celebrities.

So, who does The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) resemble?

Nicko Mcbrain
Matsu Takako (female)
Stephen Chow
Esther Ofarim (female)
Sophia Lauren (ditto)

MyHeritage matches for Facial Expressions as well as Facial Features.

Raised eyebrow is matched to raised eyebrow. Big smile is matched to big smile.

I knew something was amiss when I matched Vin Diesel.

Here were a couple good ones for me:
Justin Timberlake
Mark Anthony
Leonardo DiCaprio
Colin Powell

yeah I tried it and got 3 women…pretty sure I don’t look like a woman
friggen program

I had brad pitt, patrick swazy and harry potter lol XD

I matched with the famous Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan…and Nicky Hilton.

I am truly blessed with beauty

I had Ashley Simpson for one…damn nose. Might’ve had Katie Holmes too. Needless to say, I don’t like the program much.