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Myers-Briggs Personality Types


What's everyone's Myers-Briggs personality type? I'm curious to see what kind of people are attracted to hardcore weight lifting. I am myself an INFJ.



I work out at home and read as much as I can on training, often in a dark house. Perfect INTP. My training partner and only other person I talk to is an INTP. I am a recluse. INTP sucks.


ENTJ. That's supposedly fieldmarshal. Makes sense because I played QB, Point Guard, and Pitcher through school and was often called a born leader. Anybody else's ring true?




I'd love to tell ya, but I'm not paying any amount of money to take a damn personality test.


HCPG myself, I must say it is about as true as it could possibly be.


I took the test and it said that I'm FUCK'd, I so sad.


Ya don't have to pay for it, man.


and for your results...


ESTJ by the way.


There are some free tests online. Google.


INTJ to ENTJ, life made me (slightly) less of a geek. I'm somewhat of an adrenaline junkie and a bookworm.




I'm ESTJ, I'm on the border with a couple of them though.


ESTJ-supervisor, according to those internet tests...I think time in the military slightly biased my answers, especially the ones about deadlines and being on time.





just took it and its wierd its actually the first personality test i thought actually described me and wasnt a total waste of time lol


You may have something there slimjim. I'm ex-army and finished with ESTJ also.


ENTJ, and rightly so!


Interesting, never saw that before



ENFP- Champion idealist. Right on.


Do you know the basis of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator? Do you know who Myers and Briggs were or their qualifications to create such a test? Or are you just another victim of the Forer effect because your MBTI type sounds just like you?

Check out this link to learn the answers:

I do business consulting and facilitation and I refer to Myers-Briggs as "astrology for business." A lot of consultants and facilitators sell MBTI testing to their customers - my conscience won't let me.

It's a shame that Myers-Briggs is better known than Bertram Forer. Kind of like how Dr Phil is better known as a "fitness expert" than any of the T-Nation staff/writers.