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I’m new and had heard from word of mouth that Biotest made a pain reliever type product called Myalgistat. But when I look at your online catalog it is not available. Do I have to call in an order? Is there a phone number?

With products like Vioxx being hazardous nowadays, I’m always looking for cleaner methods to relieve aches and pains…

Thanks for your time.

Myalgistat is a supplement made by Biotest for people that suffer from fibromyalgia, and it’s not not a pain reliever, per se.

While many fibromyalgia patients experience a relief from pain when taking Myalgistat, the product wouldn’t necessarily have the same effect on pain itself.

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In fact none of the effect is from analgesia, but only treatment of the fibromyalgia, which the great majority of time decreases the pain, but not by blocking it.

For example if you have any other sort of pain the Myalgistat will do nothing.

It treats the condition rather than the symptom of pain.

I myself haven’t been directly involved in it much, though a key ingredient is A7-E and I worked in the nanodispersion aspect as well. It is a medical doctor that has really driven this product as well as first finding this approach. So I’m a little limited unfortunately in how in-depth I can be on it, but no, it’s not an analgesic at all.

Read the Myalgistat thread on this site and it will tell you exactly how it works. It is not a pain killer, as noted above. It addresses the cause of the fibromyalgia itself.

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