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My Yummy Protein-Fat Meal

Every night (almost) I have my treat, a protein-fat meal. This meal is very healthy yet I look forward to it all day. Here it is: 3 eggs, 1/4 cup low fat shredded cheese (an omelet), 6 oz. mesquite chicken, 2 scoops Advanced protein w/ 1 tbsp. flax oil and 8 fish oil caps. The meal is roughly 865 calories, 95 protein, 48.5 fat, 8 carbs. Often I substitute some flank steak or salmon for the chicken and ditch the flax. This might be a bit high on the protein and fat for some people but for me it works great. Got get those calories from somewhere. Feel free to chime in and share your favorite protein-fat meals. Thanks.

i hear you scott. here’s mine. my mom will cook spaghetti, but the meat sauce she uses is a pound of ground beef. i will cut up a 6 oz chicken breast, toss a cup of the beef/tomato sauce in a bowl, and a tablespoon of LF ranch dressing, and mix it all around. it may sound gross at first, but its damn satisfying and great replacement when i have a pizza craving.

Chicken caesar salad. No croutons, a little bacon, a little cheese, romaine lettuce and lots of chicken. I also try to use a dressing that’s made with olive or canola oil.