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My Youtube Channel

So, I started my own youtube channel a little while ago. I’ve been recently putting more effort into consistently uploading training videos and will be purchasing a camcorder tomorrow so I can obtain more footage without having to worry about pressing play or whatever.

As far as powerlifting is concerned, I have competed in 3 meets so far. I have competed in the WNPF and RPS. I competed in the WNPF in September 2012 going 575/345/580 for a 1500 total and took 1st in the 242 raw (wraps) open and Best Lifter. I competed in RPS North American and New Jersey States in January 2014 going 635/385/630 for a 1650 total, taking 1st in the 275 raw modern(wraps) amateur open, best lifter and setting RPS New Jersey State Records. Most recently, I competed in RPS Insurrextion III in November 2014 going 660/405/600 for a 1665 total, taking 1st place in the 275 raw (wraps) amateur open, best lifter and RPS New York State and World Records in the Squat and Total for the 275 Raw Modern Amateur Open division. I know these records mean nothing in terms of the real World Records, but I think its a step in the right direction.

I started the channel to not only document my training going forward, but to also hopefully be able to gain a following where I can help other lifters and receive help as well.

So I leave this with you guys www.youtube.com/channel/UCMd8vpU3zpfvVgcqhw59CGw

Thanks and I hope you enjoy the videos. Any feedback is appreciated.