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My Yohimbe Experience


I have started taking yohimbe. It is GNC brand. I take one capsule every morning, it is 450mg at 2% yohimbine. I think I may not be taking enough, but it says not to exceed the reccommended dosage.
I am more or less taking it as an experiment more then out of a need to take it.
I have been on it for a week now.

So far, all I have noticed is that it makes me really hot, to the point that I sweat like a pig in the presence of people that say its almost cold.

I also have the urge to wear nothing but a kilt, coat my body in the blood of a deer, pick up my sledge hammer and smash peoples car windows when they are caught in traffic.


If you are getting this heat thing then it seems like there are plenty of alkaloids in it. Certainly some Yohimbe I've used has been pretty crap.

Yohimbe unlike Ephedrine (a beta agonist) is a selective competitive alpha2-adrenergic receptor antagonist.

I used the Twinlab variety for quite a while back and got some good results from it also before Viagra was out stuff like Yobine was sometimes used to treat erectile dysfuntion. Its a vasodilator basically among other things.

DON'T take it with the ECA or Ephedra on its own, I know you have used Eph from your other posts, and DON'T take it with anything like HOT-ROX. Also don't take it with much caffeine and not with anything containing theobromine, like hot chocolate.

Also, avoid tyramine rich foods like cheese and wine and cold medications and stuff containing phenylpropanolamine which are usually allergy medications, cough and cold medications and some other similar things.

Taking it with other stuff as mentioned above can cause high blood pressure and other pretty bad side effects like extreme anxiety.

I took it was Sida Cordifolia (basically a plant containing ephedrine and pseudoephedrine alkaloids) and I was FUCKING ill. So be careful.


Actually dunno if it was you who was using Ephedrine but watch what you take Yohimbe with.


I have never used ephedrine before. I do take my yohimbe in the morning, when I drink about 4 cups of coffee. MAybe I should reconsider when I take it. Thank you for your help. Should I up the dosage?


Maybe you should reconsider 4 cups of coffee.


I feel this way often. Many times after drinking Jagermeister.

It probably doesn't have much to do with the supplement.


I would not. If you have a brand that causes the marked effects you describe, a further dosage would cause undesirable effects to the cardiovascular system.

The halflife is short about 1-2 hours. But halflife of metabolites with similar activities like 11-hydroxy-yohimbine is up to 9 hours.

Per 24 hrd time period I think you could take safely, 1mg per 10lbs of bodyweight. So if you weigh 200 lbs, 20 mg. Which in the ones you are taking is 2 capsules and a bit. But spread dosage not all at once.


i took this shit once like an hour before one of my college basketball games, and i thought i was having a heart attack, heart was racing, sweating uncontrollably. that was enough for this guy.


Yohimbe will have other alkaloids like someone said, just like ephedra.

If you can, get Yohimbine, which is the synthetic extract that provides what you want.

It's recommended to take it at .2mg/kg, which is roughly 1mg/10lbs. Always start off with a smaller dosage than your max to assess tolerance.

If you're gonna use it with Ephedrine, keep them at least 4 hours apart as they both can raise bp.

General recommendation is take your serving with 200mg of caffeine. Seems to work best on a low carb diet.


I'm starting to take Yohimbe as well.

My bottle says it's Yohimbe Extract HPLC Tested 9MG yohimbine.

It says each capsule contains 100mg (standerdized for 9mg Yohimbine).

How does this compare?

I'm taking 3/day...


Well about 27mg of Yohimbe a day then. Might be a big higher than recommended.

As for the 4 coffee's mentioned earlier, that's not a good idea when you are not even talking Yohimbe.


I have been drinking coffee intermittenly since I was 5. for four years now, I have been drinking one pot daily, throughout the day, not all at once of course. What are adrenal glands again? mine have some smouldering thing going on, like they have been burnt out for a while or something.

Today, I felt like I had some light tightness in my chest, and I also felt like I was breathing, but the air wasn't getting to my lungs if that makes any sense at all. Any ideas? Is it the yohimbe?


i also had those same effects, yohimbe is nothign to mess around with


Too much for a 115lb gal? I dont' feel any side effects other than I'm hungry after I take it....


That may be a bit much, but each brand is different, if you used the one Barnie is on, half that dose might effect you differently.

There is some evidence to suggest women who are contemplating having a baby, or more babies should use not Yohimbe for various reasons, not saying you are but its something to consider.

Seems to work well for women though for fat loss.

If you look hard you can find standardised extracts I think the Twinlab one used to be.


Can you tell me why this is? I just want to use it for 10weeks..... but I'm curious as to why?


Yohimbine imparts effects on a network of nerve cells known as the alpha-2 adrenergic system.

What happens when you take some Yohimbine is it just about shuts down the alpha-2 adrenergic system by stopping the receptor sites for the neurotransmitters that stimulate the activity.

One of the resulting actions besides relaxtion of smooth muscle is in women, it has a relaxing effect on the uterus, which as you can imagine is not ideal in pregnancy.

For those looking to conceive, although yohimbe may help males with erectile dysfuntion and be a potential sexual enhancer for men and women, it has been alleged to cause miscarriage in women. Supposedly some women who miscarriaged were using Yohimbe before they became pregnant.

I'd not take that risk because the evidence is more than anecdotal and with the effects it has, its a possibility. Would be be an idea to speak to a Medical Doctor if you could find one who knew about it.


Curiously, why would anyone take yohimbe? My impression is that it is generally considered harmful and useless except as a substance that aids in getting erection.


Before Viagra came along it was the only other thing with approval to treat erectyle dysfunction. It has other benefits best just google it, because they are numerous.


to lean out....works better than most fat burners and I don't feel weird when i take it....