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My Year In Jail


they won't let me post any more on my favorite thread:


so here is something for the average T-Nation user...I was in maximum security prison for a year in Philadelphia...I learned a lot about training and diet and supplements...and prison myths and realities...and self defense...and stuff I just can't really believe right now maybe...I was with the murderers and lifers and everyone in a big USA ghetto city...

feel free to ask me anything or comment on your own experiences or knowledge


What were you in for brah?


This is going to be interesting.
First I want to thank you for the opportunity for us to ask questions.
Secondly, I don't know what you did to deserve 1 year, but I do not like the cageing of humans like beasts as a form of punishment, and I empathise with you.
Civilisation has made HUGE leaps forward, yet the penile system (and the educational system btw) come right out of the Middle Ages.

I want to ask a couple of questions.
What were you in for? If you don't want to awnser it, was it violent (killing, rapeing,...) or non-violent ( like selling drugs,...)?
How has that year shaped YOU, what has changed you something else? or not.
Can you describe the general atmosphere in prison?
How do inmates interact, is there a lot of violence?

These are a few things that pop into my mind,
thanks in advance



In "Check Yo Self" Ice Cube details things you should avoid; one of them being going to jail. He point-blank iterates "big dicks in your ass is bad for your health." Did you learn this the 'hard' way or did paranoia for this kind of thing make you that much more aware and vigilant so you were able to avoid being donked?


Dude, can you write a book? I'd read that.


i'd love to hear how it changed your views on the necessities of training and diet!


Just so everyone can take it seriously, can we get a little proof or more detail on why you were in, just so it can be viewed as legitimate and not simply some whack job looking for attention.


How are the first days?


Hows your ass feel? Did it help wit your flexability with your squats?


did you think getting shanked made a difference on your weight cut?


Lol@ some of the questions in this thread...


Did the extra protein intake help you gain more mass?


How many guys in the yard were better than MJ? 15? 30?


So newrobin got the bottom bunk right?




Just realised that you're the batshit crazy guy who started the 'Which Senators Are Sacrificing Children?' thread with the Papist/Illuminati crap for pages on end. I've a question: Did you get put in the nonce block with the headcases and kiddy fiddlers? Because that's where you belong nutter.


Meh, I watched a couple of seasons of The Wire. Surely that must have been an accurate portrayal of crime and punishment in Philadelphia. lol


what is the meaning behind your screenname?




Looks like your parole was revocated brah.