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My XBOX Is on the Fritz


So my 360 has been freezing up and getting all glitched like an old school nintendo.About a month ago it did the ring of fire and i turned it off then on and it worked fine but now i cant use it at all.

Have any of you experienced this and is it fucked.


So I bought this PS3 like a year ago...and I haven't had a problem with it. Is there something wrong with mine?


the first xbox lost my trust completely


A description of the problem would help. If you have 3 red flashing lights you can get it fixed for free regardless of warranty. If you have the other red lights it will need to still be under warranty.


I have had a ps3 since day one, mine still runs like when I first bought it.


OK Like I said it did the ring of fire once,( all lights red ) but since then it has been fine, but in the last week when I try to use it shortly into game play or like tonight while watching a movie it freezez up the screen gets all fucked up like a bad signal and it makes a horrible noise.


I had the same problem, last year. I just went ahead and bought a new Elite XBOX 360 and enjoyed that, apparently you can call 1-800-4MY-XBOX and they will do free warranty work.

Side note regarding the PS3, I bought one last year and ended up giving it away to my brother in law. The games where just as good as the XBOX but the online support was just simply a horrible, eye gouging experience.


Mine did similar when it was packed with dust. Carefully use some of that computer duster in a can stuff. Lens cleaner will help.

PS3 studs your shit only became legit with 'infamous' before that it was an expensive blu-ray player. Edit: referring to the online play, what good is call of duty if you can't slaughter angry teenagers online.




ive never had a problem with any online...well afrter they patched cod4...killzone was also worth the price of the system


yeah bro your 360 GPU went out. I would tell you how to get a new replacement for yours instead of waiting a month for a fix, but I cant talk illegal on a site. =)


Contact XBOX support. You probably need to have them mail you a "coffin" and mail your xbox in, if it's not under warranty it costs ~100$ but comes back good as new.

I did that to mine about 1.5 years ago and it still works great.


Yeah it's not a xbox.


Why would I want to play with angry teenagers?

Also, I thought the PS3 was one of the cheapest blue ray players available currently. It isn't like God of War III won't break the bank as well.

I do agree that the X-box may be the way to go if online first person shooters (played with angry teenagers) is what you like the most.

I am just laughing because you guys seem to have way more problems with that system than it is worth....so much so that failure of the system seems to be EXPECTED. That doesn't sound like a well built machine to me.


I agree that the failure rate on xbox's is totally ridiculous, but there is no other option if you enjoy online play since it is the best (as you said). THe angry douchebags are only an added bonus, it's like getting to rape morons like Headhunter (people who just stir the shit for no reason) every game. Highly satisfying. Damn I wish I could play infamous though


ALthough i use a PS3 (if anyone wants a game on something give me a shout?), my flatmate has an X box and when his broke we wrapped it up in a towel well it was on, this causes it to overheat and reset itself, causing it to work again. How it works i dont know, but it did work and stopped the red ring and the freezing.


What games you got?


Team Xecuter and its RROD Pro Repair kit ... should fix most of not all RRODs. Surprised no one has mentioned about Xecuter yet.



And I have both a PS3 and 360 and I will agree that live is better then the ps network it still cost money each month and I am also on my 3rd 360 but my first and only ps3


It doesn't fix it, it forces to to experience to RROD which Microsoft will repair for free.