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My Wussy Wrist

I’ve been lifting for about 6 months collectively, and one of my biggest problems has been my left wrist. (I’m right-handed.) Whenever I do certain exercises holding heavy weights down low–like single leg dumbbell presses–my left wrist/forearm starts to tense up and my left hand becomes really weak. It’s gotten so bad that I’ve come close to the point of dropping the weight simply because my hand can’t grip it. My right hand is perfectly fine. It’s not as if my arms cannot handle the weight–I know they can–but this is really putting a damper on my progress.

Any suggestions? Should I try one of those grip-builder thingys or is there anything better?

Train your grip and use straps if you can’t finish your workout because of grip issues.


It could also be a nerve impingement, rather than just muscle weakness.