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My WS4SB II Based Split

Hey I was thinking of something along the lines of a hybrid between Westside and the WS4SB 2 program.

     Weeks 1&2: WS4SB II 

Monday ME: 5RM
Tuesday ME: 5RM
Thursday RE: 20-35RM
Friday : Strongman training

 Weeks 3&4: A little different

Monday ME: 3RM
Tuesday ME: 3RM
Thursday DE: 8x3 traditional Westside DE
Friday : Strongman training

 Weeks 5&6: Mostly different

Monday ME: 1RM
Tuesday ME: 8x2 traditional Westside DE
Thursday RE: The RE day from WS4SB 1
Fiday : Strongman training

       Week 7: Deload

I will do about half of the volume and intensity of the previous week.

What do you guys think?

I am not worried about not having a 1RM for my lower body, as the Strongman training on Friday is usually pretty hard.

I am not using the DE days to feed into the ME days as in Westside, I am using them only to maintain my speed. I also find that the DE bench routine that I used to do worked fantastic for my triceps, and that the DE squat routine really brought up my hamstrings.

I think that manipulating this split is much easier than trying to change the original Westside M/W/F/S plan.

I also intend on doing high intensity cardio 2x week, and low intensity cardio 2x week (before anyone says that I am wasting my time with slow cardio, I find that it helps with my asthma). I am not sure when I can do those workouts because my work schedule changes weekly (damn part-time job).

Has anyone tried a similar split and semi-periodized type of training? Are there any obvious flaws with this?

Thanks for any info and/or critiques.