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This is what happened to my WRX once I sold it last September. It only took a month, and the guy’s brother wrecked it. This was the second time he managed to wreck a WRX. Now he’s on his third one.

Huh? How exactly are you connected to this wreck?

I am a WRX owner. Love the thing!



That was my WRX. I sold it to a guy that had previously wrecked his and wanted another. And I sold him mine, and he managed to wreck it!

Same thing happened with my Type R. I had it since it was brand new. Kept it in mint condition and sold it to buy a WRX. The kid that bought my Type R wrecked it two weeks later.

So for some reason, the people that have bought my cars manage to wreck them.

Now, I wish I had kept the Type R. I actually liked it much more than the WRX. I’m thinking of getting another one. Only this time, I want a white one.


I’m an import car fanatic. Did you have any mods / are you going to add any to your new Type-R?

Have you seen the new Type-R’s (based on the RSX)?

Aight then, Thread High jack in progress, Good ole american muscle…

Reclaimed by import speed demons…


Nice, and then one…

I only had an AEM CAI on my Type R. I wanted to keep the car stock because I liked it as is. After owning it for two years, I did want more power and thought about supercharging it, but then I ended up selling it to buy the WRX.

I really wasn’t as impressed with the WRX as others are/have been. There is a huge drop off in boost once you are past 5,000 RPM’s. Not to mention that the boost is highest in first gear and drops each gear after that. The new WRX STi should be much better and will address the boost issues.

I would get an EVO, in fact, I had planned on buying one this year. But due to some other issues, I’ve decided that buying a new car may not be the best thing to do this year. Not with the economy in its present state or the price of gas (especially premium) going sky high.

I’m currently rolling around in a little Honda Civic. I needed something to get me around until I decided to buy something I really wanted (a new Type R, EVO, STi, etc.). But I’m selling the Civic and am considering buying a used Type R. I really liked mine, but I always wanted a white one. Don’t get me wrong, the Phoenix yellow is nice, and it got me noticed, but I’ve always liked white, and the white Type R’s look awesome.

I have seen the new Type R’s (RSX and Civic) and that’s what I have been holding out for, but I don’t know if they’ll be bringing them over to the U.S., and if they do, I can’t see how they will compare (pricewise) with other cars that are coming out this year. And with the EVO pushing 271hp for under $30K, going 0-60 in 5.2 seconds or less and a 13.5 quarter mile, with sport tuned AWD, Recaro seats and plenty of other goodies, Honda/Acura has a lot more to compete with.

My friends have bikes (RS6’s, CBR900 and TL1000), and I always considered that route to get my “need for speed” but that just isn’t in the cards right now. Maybe later down the road. I’d rather have a sweet-ass car since it’s more practical.

American muscle? Sure, it’s nice to go fast in a straight line, but I like more than that. Not to mention better reliability. The new Dodge SRT-4 is quite impressive, and for under $20K it’s a great bang for the buck, but I just can’t ever see myself driving an american car…especially a Neon. LOL!


I am a big fan of the new Lowrider. Won’t argue with a Harley.

Here’s what my car looks like.


I hear you on the STi. man! 300hp 2.5L 4Cyl. Crazy power! Due to the price and overall lack of availablity forecasted, I am going to wait.

The boost issues are easy to take care of on the stock WRX. I have a Vishnu Stage 0 on mine which all but eliminated the turbo lag issues below 3K rpm. And, now it is pushing at about 285 HP.

My next addition is a full turbo-back exhaust system (replaces the two post-turbo cats with one huge high-flow) and will put my HP between 300 - 310. Again, not bad for a four-banger.

I also hear you on the “go fast in a straight line” argument.

Ooooo, 350 Z! Nice!

You guys need a REAL car…like MINE!

That was the first car I ever wanted (The Mock 5)!!!

Matt, Love them 100 anniversary harley
fatboys. Hoping to get mine this summer!


Got my dad and brother to pose in this shot of mine.

From the dash of a Ferrari F40.

^ That’s AWESOME! :-0