My Writing is Getting Noticed

I can’t believe it!
After writing short stories for somewhere around a year, I’ve finally got what could be a “break”.
I’m psyched and just totally shocked… They at one point compare my stuff to Creepshow and Tales From The Crypt.
I’m just so shocked and happy.
I hope you guys like it, if you read it!

I read that last year when you posted it. Actually I read all the short stories you did. Great job and keep it up.

“Ben doesnâ??t want to get raped.”

Were we supposed to lol? Good story but you should proof read.

Actually, yes you’re supposed to laugh at certain parts Mr. Live! That’s how horror is written…catch you off guard with a laugh and OMFGMONSTERATTACKEDMEANDNOWLIVESINMYASS…


DJHT, You remember! that’s awesome… Last year they were just stories on Scribd but now Bloody-Disgusting wants to post one every few weeks/months which is awesome.

Congrats you son of a bitch ginger …

Keep it up and you might just get to join in on some of this…

That dramatic clap GIF?! … I feel honored.

I may be a ginger, but my grill is pretty f’n nice. :wink:


I will write until the end of time for that!

Congrats, man. I too read your stuff when you posted it forever ago. Cool to see you getting some recognition. Don’t go getting a big head now.

I already have to wear L-XL baseball caps… This ol’ noggin can’t get any bigger! :slight_smile:
I’m glad you guys like my stuff and its cool you let me know.

But for real, I plan on staying as down to earth as possible if this goes big.

He can’t get too much of an ego … every time he looks in the mirror he’s reminded he’s a ginger…

jk jk … once again … good on ya brutha

You should probably have posted this in the bragging thread

Only messing man well done keep it up and best of luck!

there’s a bragging thread?!

What’s really horrifying is that you don’t know the difference between residence and residents.

I’m just bustin’ your balls. Good story.

Ah, you hit that stride and you mess up! it happens… just look at OJ.

[quote]BodyByGame20 wrote:
there’s a bragging thread?![/quote]

That’s what I was thinking, lol

Good work man.

Thanks! :wink:

What’s the difference between a brick and a ginger?

A brick gets laid. mwahahahaha!

Keep up the good work. A writer is never done.