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My Workout


what i do three to four times a week.. is that day one i do exercises for my chest and biceps and i include the forearm in there, then then next day i do back and triceps... the next day i do shoulders and legs... i do his every other day.. and for each day i do an exercise that does every part of the muscle: for example on the days i do chest i do regular bench press, then close grip bench to get the middle chest, then incline bench to get the upper chest, close grip incline bench to get the middle upper chest, and chest flys to get the sides. I usually do at least two sets of each work out.. is this any good?? oooh by the way abs i usually do every day but one maianly one area each day.


Oh my dear Lord, you need help.


Middle chest? Are you serious?


You have a lot of chests. Don't worry i think we all thought we had at some point.


HAHAHA yea sorry.. i didnt know what i was saying. What i meant was the part to the sides of our sternum that some people have like their pectoral muscles almost touching each other. I dont know if you understand what i am talking about. If you dont then i'll try to find a picture. But to the topic is that general routine any good?


I know exactly what you meant. You're not going to be able to isolate one particular part of a muscle. It doesn't work like that. Stick to the basics.

Oh, and I gave you that link for a reason. Read it, and read all the articles it links to. Use a program from this site, the authors actually know what they're talking about.