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My workout

okay i opted out of what i was planning to do after an intense workout with a guy i know. So heres the plan im doing, any suggestions welcome. (im going for quality mass right now and am thinking of changing my reps to down low like 4 to 6 and strictly for power for the next block)Im 5’7" 173lbs yesterday and have gained 8 pounds in the last 6 weeks or so (not fat).

Two workouts


flat bb benchpress 4 by 12
Incline db Fly 4 by 12
wide grip chins 4 to fail. (im still at around 8 max)
Bent over bb rows 4 by 12

superset 3 by 10
db bent over laterals
db side laterals

superset 3 by 10
barbell curls
dumbell overhead ext.

all reps are 3 to 5 second eccentric


bb squats 4 by 12
deadlifts 4 by 8
glute ham raises 3 by 12
calf raises 3 by 12

same eccentric

Im doing the typical upper, lower, off, upper, lower, off, off routine.
My diet is basically as many meals i can fit in (every 2-3 hours) with a pre workout whey shake and a post workout whey/maltodextrin/creatine shake and before bed i gobble down cottage cheese/yogurt (so i can stomach the cottage cheese lol)/flaxseed oil.thanks everyone you guys have taught me a ton of stuff in the last couple of months.

I wont go into all the particulars. I will just start with the most noticeable thing. The first point that caught my eye.

You are putting much more concentration on the upper body with all the extra iso. work and lagging in the lower body/posterior chain. I would change that up some. You need some heavy ab work for 1.


i dont see anything inherently wrong with it. But its not what i would like to do. ersonal preference :slight_smile:
I hate high rep stuff, especially with long eccentrics (i only do near or supra maximal stressed negatives). Also not fond of deads and squats in the same workout, sure sometimes I do it, but surely not 2x per week every week.
if you do follow this, i would suggest alternating your starting exercises (why do we always do chest first, lol)

thanks guys, i guess i should have pointed out that my upper body is lagging my lower body… weird eh lol and my chest and back are lagging my shoulders and arms so im trying to really concentrate on my upper body and mostly chest and back. My legs grow really easily so even doing this will keep them growing.

I really like the routine, and also agree with the comments that others have made. Here are a couple more comments:

A lot of exercise selection depends on physiology and body structure. For example:

I never have to do isolation exercises for chest, my chest is always sore after benching, and i have the problem of my chest getting too big compared to other body parts. For you, by contrast, it may be that benching is not working your chest, so you could pre-exhaust it with a set or 2 of flys. It all depends on how you are responding.

On leg day, i also throw in some ancillary exercises. So ab work, like Phill mentioned. Also maybe some rotator cuff work, and grip work. Thats just what i do.

Finally, you are doing shoulder isolation work. In place of that i have substituted what i call power pulls, which are like upright rows but with a wider grip. These will work your traps and medial delts, because lateral raises have never worked too well for me. In my belief, thats better for building overall mass, which is what is my focus right now.