My Workout

Can some of you take a look at what I am doing and give me some suggestions.

Day 1- Chest/Back
A1 - Bench (3 x 6) 802
A2 - Beginners Pullups (Weak in this area)
B1 - Incline Dumbell (3 X 10) 602
B2 - Dumbell Pullovers (3 X 10) 602
C1 - Dumbell Flyes (2 X 15) 402
C2 - Dumbell Rows (2 X 15) 402

Day 2
A1 - Squats (3 X 6) 802
A2 - Hamstring Curls (3 X 6) 802
B1 - Front Squat (3 X 10) 602
B2 - Lung (3 X 10) 602
C1 - Leg Extensions (2 X 15) 402
C2 - Good Morning (2 X 15) 402

Day 3 - Areobics

Day 4 (Shoulders/Arms)
A1 - Front Raises (3 X 6) 802
A2 - Bent Over Raises (3 X 6) 802
B1 - Dumbell Press (3 X 10) 602
B2 - Seated Lateral Raise (3 X 10) 602
C1 - Tricep Extensions (3 X 6) 802
C2 - Hammer Curls (3 X 6) 802
D1 - Dips (2 X 10) 602
D2 - Include Dumbell Curls (2 X 10) 602

About 2000 K/Day clean. I concentrate carbs around Workout times (Surge/Oatmeal,etc) and then scale carbs down as the day wears on. I eat 6X Day.

I am 5’8" 174 (About 15% bf)

My goals are to get lean and add some bulk.

Sanity check: Does this look like an OK program. I am no expert, have read a lot on this site and others.


Any particular reason you’re doing superslow eccentrics?

Things that leap out at me:

  1. What’s up with the uber-slow tempos? Hell, if you’re doing sets of 6 reps, get after it now! Controlled eccentric, ballistic/explosive concentric, says I. Maximum tension!

  2. You want to get lean and add bulk. Well, those are in the opposite direction, now aren’t they? Right now you’re eating enough calories to loose a little bit of fat. 2000 should definately be below maint. If you want to put on LBM, you’re going to have to up the calories. My suggestion is to figure out which you’d like to do, and let us know. We can go from there.

  3. Don’t fall into the ‘three sets’ trap. You could do four sets of 6, you know. You could do wave loading, 1/6, 5x5. I see a lot of 3x(whatever), which looks really generic in my eyes.

  4. Exercise selection looks alright, but I wouldn’t suggest doing both back and front squats in the same workout. If you’re hitting your back squats sufficiently hard, you really shouldn’t be able to do this. Another thing: What’s up with putting Tricep Extensions before Dips? Prioritize the big movements, put them first.

Well, that’s the stuff I caught the first time through. Any other questions?


So are you saying you like/dislike low reps and the 602 pace?

Also, is alternating bulk/lean on 2 week schedules to close together?


You will burn out on this program.

Or rather, you’ll be forced to half-ass it, which is just as bad.

Everything Ike & DocT mentioned is relevant, particularly the notes on tempo. If slow reps are a priority, tack negatives onto the last few sets. And Ike isn’t railing against low-reps; it’s just that if you’re doing 'em with significant weights, slow tempos are a pipe dream.

My own concerns:

  1. No abdominal work?

  2. Chest and back on the same day will prove more difficult than you might imagine.

Most splits are Back/Bi, Chest/Tri, and Legs. Poliquin would beg to differ, but there’s a reason they limit you to one major muscle group per workout. Some of us simply can’t handle two with any degree of intensity.

If you’re weak in pullups, why is bench first?

  1. Day 2; if you can handle that as an amateur, by all means. I find my stamina lagging after 4 or 5 sets of squats.

  2. Day 3; Now this I can’t figure out. 22 sets of super-slow sets devoted to the smallest muscle groups you have?

Remove Tri extensions entirely and jack the reps on your dips. Done correctly, (vertical, bicep to forearm, and then to lockout), dips are a superior exercise.

Remove Front Raises. Shoulder press should be your first exercise. Have your elbows 135 degrees away from your body. Dips with any degree of forward lean work front delts as well.

Do Lateral Raises standing, bent 15 degrees (instead of ‘Bent Over Raises’, which may be the same thing for all I can tell). This is difficult. Do it anyway. You need at least some rear delt work.

Remove ‘Seated Lateral Raise’.

If you insist on doing Bi and Tri in the same day, it may be of some benefit to do curls earlier in the workout, before you’ve completely annihilated your arms.

The ultimate goal is to have a difficult workout in under an hour. You would double that.

This is my incredibly boring workout that I've had great success with, for comparison:


3 sets ? standing barbell rows (squeeze traps)
1 set ? weighted lifts           
/a. wide pull-ups
/b. wide pull-ups 
/c. narrow chin-ups w/ negatives
/d. parallel chin-ups w/negatives 
3 sets ? calf extension (heavy, T-101)
2 sets ? incline curls/hammer curls/variation
1 set ? reverse curls (T-2012)


4 sets - shoulder press
3 sets - decline press
2 sets - incline press 
4 sets - 15 degree side raises w/ negatives
3 sets - dips (vertical, then with a forward lean)


5 sets - box squat
3 sets - calf extension
3 sets - leg curl 
3 sets - leg extension w/ drop sets


The last 9 sets in my leg workout are rotated to save time. Leg extensions don't stress calves, so instead of doing nothing after a set, work opposing or unrelated muscles as your body permits. 

I don't work abs. I'm lucky in that I don't have to. If I did, they'd be on off days.

Calves recover more quickly than quads and glutes. It is of some benefit to work them more frequently, and the reason I've tacked them on the Back/Bi day.

And.. best of luck.

D. Indech 

First off, you can’t get lean and add substantial mass at the same time. Skip the hypertrophy trainging on a diet. See my article in issue 214 for more information.


slow eccentrics are good but you are doing too many reps and thus will have to use a low intensity. Cut the reps down to 5-6 and focus on getting explosive concentrics also. The slow eccentrics will destroy the muscles so be prepared to be really sore and it will take a long time to recover. If you want to do push pull workouts then superset bench presses with rows and overhead presses with pull ups. I would suggest to split legs into 2 different workouts of squats and deadlifts. Add in another day off to the mix. Keep the excercises simple with mostly compound movements and keep rest to a maximum of 60 seconds in between sets so you can increase your workout intensity. Keep protein consumption high and follow the t-dawg 2.0 guidelines. laters pk

My first question: what type of split are you on? Are you repeating this cycle every five days? It looks like a Poliquin split, and this will surely lead you to overtraining, especially on only 2,000 cals/day.

A couple suggestions: ditch the flyes and pullovers on day 1 and stick with bench, chins, incline db press and rows. This would make a decent 5*5 routine if you can handle chest and back on the same day.

Like Ike said, get rid of one of the squats. No need to perform both of them. I would eliminate the gm’s if you stick with back squat. Also I would get rid of the leg extensions for now.

Way too much shoulder work on day four. Your shoulders are getting a ton of work on chest/back day. This would be a good day to emphasize bis and tris, and if you want to do any shoulders that day do the side/bent laterals.

Or, a better method would be to do a M-T-Th-F split and group the muscles Ian King style such as two separate leg days (quad/ham dominant, vertical push/pull and horizontal push-pull.

No need for those excessively slow tempos either. 3-0-1, 3-0-2 or 4-0-2 would all work for you.

And for the love of God, get some ab workouts in there somewhere. WORK THOSE CORE MUSCLES!!! Good luck!