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My Workout Videos


Hi guys,

Just thought I would share my latest workout videos, let me know what you think.

Also if you have any cool workouts or exercises you find really work for you post them up :slight_smile: always looking for ways to switch up my training.


Anyone got any exersises they have seen really good results with?




An obvious one but yeah haha


I was just asking haha

You have a nice physique bro but a little tip, Im sure you want to get popular on youtube it helps get your name out there, So do more frequent videos and try to not make them too long. I wouldn't excede the 6-8 minute mark, try to throw in commentary over you lifting.

Keep killing it bro


Thanks for the advice man, yeah i just found people's workout videos real helpful when i first started the gym so thought i would give back a little.

Cheers mate


Hey another tip, I would try to add some sort of entertainment... talk a little... it gets old just watching a guy press a weight over and over. Look up Antoine Vaillant. He has really entertaining workout videos. Maybe you can get some ideas.


Hello !

-why do you prefer decline bench vs flat ?
-are you happy with the rubber bands ? I just ordered some from Elitefts and added some moves like flies, triceps push down for assistance work too.



Looking good Jordan! I enjoyed following your contest prep, nice work and impressive dedication. Take it for what it's worth, as I've got a longgg way to go, but I'd be curious as to whether or not using a few training blocks geared more towards strength in the compound lifts would benefit you. You seem to lift in a very controlled manner, relatively light weights and focused on the MMC in all of your videos.

I had gotten into chasing the pump in nearly all of my training and my progress had really stagnated. I've taken the last few months to focus more on building strength, getting back to basics with bodybuilding style training still mixed in. I guess I subscribe to the philosophy that a bigger muscle will usually be a stronger muscle, until you get to a certain level of strength :). You don't see a ton of big guys who aren't capable of moving some respectable weight in the big lifts!


x2. I've found the same thing. Small periods of 'pump' training is beneficial, but switching over to more performance based workouts has lead to some quick progress from me recently, as well.


Cheers bro, yeah big fan of Antoine! been watching him from the beginning :slightly_smiling: will take it on board with my next vids


Hi Mat,

I prefer decline over flat just because I can feel the isolated contraction on the chest more with decline. I tend to feel it a little too much in my front delts with flat bench. In saying that tho I do throw flat bench in there to switch things up.

Yeah I love the bands, they give a totally different feel and resistance to the exercise :slight_smile: good for switching things up and socking the muscle.


Thanks mate I appreciate it.

Yeah I totally agree with you, I just competed yesterday and placed for next years national show so that now gives me a whole year to focus on my size and a big part of that is going to be introducing more big heavy lifts :slightly_smiling: in the videos I have up online I have really been focusing on that TUT because It seems to work of me but yeah really need to get on top of some bigger lifts in my off season :slightly_smiling:

I agree with you on that a stronger muscle is a bigger muscle :slightly_smiling: will be going real hard over the next few months to increase my strength.

Keep me updated with how your training is going, would be good to know if you getting good gains from the heavy compounds :slightly_smiling:


Hey guys, this is my current ab workout, its more of a circuit that is repeated 3-4 times.

I filmed this with my chest one so not as interactive but will make sure the next ones are a lot better :slightly_smiling:


Hey guys,

Here is the next video of my Obliteration Workout series, This on is shoulders.

Let me know what you think :slightly_smiling: any questions feel free to ask! :smiley: