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My Workout Today - Good Numbers?


365 deadlift
90lbs weighted chin for 2 reps
65lbs weighted dip for 5 reps
18 handstand push ups

I'm 5'9" 154

Are these numbers good?



Are those lifts better than you lifted last time you lifted. Did you progress form your previous attempts???

If so then yes, if no then NO you are your best measuring stick. As long as you are consistantly doing better then YOU then its all good.


yeah I'm making progress, all of the lifts were PR for me.

I guess I was just hoping for some feedback because my training is pretty much a solitary pursuit. I still feel like I don't really have the potential to compete against strong people. I have a pretty lanky build and I figured I'd never be that strong, but recently I have been more pleased with my results.


It's all relative, man...

Your numbers are your own and you don't need approval from anyone although if you want feedback; here goes.

I'm impressed with the handstands.

"The Iron never lies to you. You can walk outside and listen to all kinds of talk, get told that you're a god or a total bastard. The Iron will always kick you the real deal. The Iron is the great reference point, the all-knowing perspective giver. Always there like a beacon in the pitch black. I have found the Iron to be my greatest friend. It never freaks out on me, never runs. Friends may come and go. But two hundred pounds is always two hundred pounds."
-Henry Rollins


Holy shit those numbers are fucking AWESOME...that's just terrific!!!! I'm beside myself with awe!!!!

Is that what you were looking for?


thanks for the feedback.

I'm equally motivated by compliments and flames. So both of you have helped me out.

I know I shouldn't be concerned with what others think, but I have time to kill and the fact is I am concerned. Maybe I need to add meditation to my regimen, burn off a few pounds of ego.


i dont think he was trying to pat himself on the back....

for powerlifting/strongman that deadlift is awful.....

for a recreational bodybuilder its pretty solid


The best competition is always against yourself.


well I'm really more of a recreational bodybuilder, but I'd like to start training DL more so I can pull a decent amount. I think I might add pin pulls to my regimen, as I have mostly been pulling off the floor or doing romanians on a platform.


I suppose your deadlift is OK (I don't know this exercise very well).
Nearly 20 reps on that HSPU is pretty solid. Now try to make the exercise more demanding or throw in some military/push presses.
Your dip however, is weak compared to your HSPU numbers. Since your triceps must be in good shape, you should work more on your dips, you can do better than that.


I agree, for recreational bodybuilding it's a decent start. Just throws some rows, squats & lunges into your program and work from there. Also read Mike Robertson's "Fuctional anatomy for bad asses" Part 1 & 2, it will enlighten you on imbalances and how to prevent them.

But powerlifting.....
Here's an example: Lamar Gant [USA] was the first man to deadlift nearly five times his own body weight. He lifted 661 LB. [299.5kg], when he weighed 131 LB. [59.5 kg], in 1985*

*Guinness World Records 2005 [special 50th anniversary edition] pg.240, bottom left paragraph.

Stay strong,



Check out this powerlifting class chart, I dont know what federation it is for:

Lets say you squat 225 and bench 205 as well, that would give you a 795 total and put you in the bottom class. Thats not real exciting, but its somewhere to start. 365 DL is decent for your weight. Shoot for 455 and you'll be doing real good.


The pushups and weighted chins is pretty solid, weighted dips and deadlift's pretty weak. If you want people to compete against, lift competitively.


This is great advice. I already have found a variation of HSPU that is much harder (full range of motion on parallelettes, bar to shoulder) and I can only do 4 reps like this. You are definitely right about the dips, I'm a lot more explosive at pressing since I started doing planche progressions and HSPUs but I haven't fully applied that power to my dips yet. I'm kind of relearning them using the hollow chest technique that coach summers recomends for planches. Once I get that I hope to push closer to 100lbs added weight.

Thank you for pointing out that imbalance.


That kind of relative strength is amazing to me. One day I hope to have that kind of explosive potential. Very inspiring thanks.

I'm kind of embarased to say this but this was my best day in the gym that's why I posted it. On other days I do the movements you mentioned and then some, but as you can tell I don't do split training. More of a whole body style


Yeah it's all relative- you're strong compared to a lot of guys out there in golf-and-jogging-land and weak compared to a lot of strength athletes your size. The most useful info would be: how good are those numbers compared to 6 or 12 months ago and, more importantly, looking back on the stuff did to get you to where you are now and seeing worked and what didn't. I have learned more from my training logs in the last two years than I havelearned from T-Nation.


Do you live in a dorm or a senior citizens home? That makes a little difference too. Are you 20 years old or 70.

I think they're pretty good numbers. Try a local competition. Get out on the platform.



I'm 27

I would like to go out and compete once I get a little stronger.

The advice of pick a meet and stick to it is good because it really would be motivating


Find a small local meet. Put your money in the envelope and mail it in. Then you're committed. Then you GOTTA get strong. Just you and the bar on the platform. It's gotta go up.