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My Workout - Thoughts?


All of this will be done with dumbells for now...please modify at will. (changes made)

Monday: Arms, Shoulders
- Benchpress
- Shoulderpress
- Bicep Curls
- Tricep Dips

Tuesday: Legs, Abs
- Sumo Squats
- Romanian Deadlift
- Weighted Crunches
- Weighted Russian Twists

Thursday: Chest, Back
- Good Mornings
- One Arm Row (elbow in)
- Benchpress
- Fly

Friday: Legs, Abs
- Sumo Squats
- Romanian Deadlift
- Weighted Crunches
- Weighted Russian Twists


A - One arm DB clean & jerks 6x3
B - Squats 4x6
C - One arm DB rows 3x8

A - DB bent presses 6x3
B - DB romanian deadlifts 4x6

A - One arm Db snatches 6x3
B - Pistols or Bulgarian split squats 3x8
C - Pull-ups 4x6


What exactly are your goals???
From that it will be easier for others to help you.


You got good exercises in there, with the dips and deadlifts and what not. But 10x3 on three different exercises? On the same day? Sounds like more than you need, especially with "8x5" on two other exercises.

You are 5'7 and 155, a little taller and lighter than me. Can you handle that much volume? Cut down the volume, up the intensity.

Westside for skinny bastards is my favorite program.


My goals:

I would like to become stronger so that I become better in martial arts and sparring. I would like to be able to jump higher for tricking (flips, spins, and kicks rolled into one). I would also like to look bigger and more muscular although it may be hard at my age.

I'm 14 years old and my weight and physical shape are all very good...no worries there.


See now you changed stuff. Now you're 130 and 14, huh? Eat big and lift big. Your program is definitly too much. Go here and read all of it.

Are you a Beginner II


10x3 for flies?

here are my thoughts on your workout: it sucks. Get a program from here, anything will be better than yours.


I agree.

Depends really though, there doesent seem to be too many complete strength programs on here.

If youre looking into that--read up on how westside conducts their training. It will be very insightful.