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My Workout - Please Make it Better!


just wanted to put up a workout i've been doing and wanted to get some input/suggestions

day 1
20 mins bike intervals
bb squat 3x5x145
bb bench press 3x5x110
bb shoulder press 3x5x80
core work - mobilization

day 2
20 mins bike intervals
bb deadlift 3x5x140
bb row 3x5x105
pulldown 3x5x100
core work - stabilization

taking 1 or 2 days off in between workouts depending on how i feel after. increasing weight on exercises whenever i feel like i could do more. not going for size but for strength gain. any input/thoughts would be great.
any help with:
exercise imbalances
missing important exercises
increasing load
anything else
would help
thanks alot!


I'd move the intervals to after your core work.


Hmmmm... yep! That should just about do it!



Yea def move your intervals to the end it doesnt matter if you are tired for them if your tired for your strength training your not going to get anywhere. How are your pullups? The reason I ask is that lat pulldown is a great way to build upper lat strength which can then carry over into pullups, but you want to make sure you are doing pulldowns in such a way as to emphasize strengthening the upper lat. Move your mobility work to before your lifting. Keep abs at the end. I'd also do some lighter sets before jumping into your sets of 5, you might not be getting enough cracks at these movements to improve on them optimally.