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My Workout Plan, Please Critique

Hey guys, I am working on incorporating some strength training into my routine, which at the moment is primarily cardio. I cannot pound my body too hard yet until cross country season ends, however I do feel that I can start something now.

As far as equipment goes its pretty scarce, I am in the process of building myself a dip and pullup bar, but only own 10lb and 15lb dumbells. Also I have easy access to sandbags, which I feel will be a sufficient weight supplement for the moment.

Also to help you critique me here are some of my goals:

Increase my PST scores (Navy SEAL fitness test), PST consists of a swim, pushup, situp, pullup, and run event. Increase my 400m and 800m time in track. Prepare my body physicall for the Naval Academy. As well as improve my physique aesthetically.

(3-4 mile run for CC)
minimal rest per set, 2-3 minutes per exercise
25 x 8 pushups
50 x 4 flutter kicks
5 x 10 pullups
5 x 10 dips (thinking about alternating from pullups to dips instead of doing each separately)

50-70 lb sandbag deadlift x 6 x 3
50-70 lb sandbag squat x 6 x 3

Maybe some sandbag military presses? not sure about this one. Also i wasnt sure about the order

(Speed workout for CC)

100 pushups
100 situps or flutter kicks
100 walking lunges

(3-4 mile run for CC)
cross train with rock climbing

(5-6 mile run for CC)

same as monday
500m - 1000m swim

(1-2 mile for CC + 45 minutes of frisbee)

500m - 1000m swim

5k Meet


Any advice will be very helpful and appreciated, thanks!!