My Workout Plan for Strength, Speed, and Mass


Don’t do this. Do a tried and true program like 531, juggernaut, cube, strong lifts, etc. Add in two days of conditioning.

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Also, these don’t mesh very well tbh. Not impossible, but very difficult to accomplish especially at first.

This isn’t a program; it’s a list of exercises, sets and reps. There is no progression scheme here, no training phase, etc.

I second @oldbeancam 's suggestion of 5/3/1, Juggernaut or Cube. I’ll throw in Westside Barbell for Skinny Bastards as well.

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Bang on the money.

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Ya bro really good programme! All dem benching will give you crazy huge chest. Chicks panties will hit the floor when you walk past! Dem speed gains u will get with those Bicep Curls and abz workz will make you so quick bro!!

See fellas you gotta be more supportive :wink: lmao

There’s no speed work. To increase speed you must move fast. Weight lifting is very slow for the most part so you need to do something fast.

Here’s an easy example:

Heavy squats (to activate all muscle fibers) immediately followed by body weight jump squats (to contract all those fibers as fast as possible).

That’s one simple example. I’m not going to write an entire program because you can find one here.


The good ol’ bench 3x a week, squat once, full body workout approach.

You literally programmed as many curls (5x8-10) each week as you did squats with no lower body auxiliary movements. My troll senses are tingling.

Looks like everyone has addressed this to the extent needed.

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I’m not sure if you’re ready for it but here’s an old program by CT that seems to address most of your goals.

Why “abs” for 20 minutes?

He’s probably gonna tell us his legs grow really fast and are out of proportion to his upper body.


Thank you