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My Workout Log


hey everyone, i am starting a workout log here on T-Nation, i will be testing my max lifts in a variety of lifts in the next couple days and then after the new years weekend i will start Mike Robertson's Designer Athletes, followed by WS4SB by Joe DeFranco. i will update this probably a couple times per week. on my off days i wil be doing some cardio, right now i am not gonna concentrate as much on diet, i am just going to try and not eat as much junk food as i have lately, get more protein, and generally eat better, im not gonna keep a food log (yet). After a couple months of solid training to get my base strength back i will kick it up w/ an improved diet, etc. hopefully this thread will keep me motivated. wish me luck



Sounds good, what are you training for though? It sounds like you might be an athlete considering the programs you chose.


good observations, yes im an athlete, im training for the upcoming track season (last week of april or the first week of may i am not sure).

I am a sprinter, i run the 100m, 200m, 400m, and the 4x400m relay. My main event is the 400m and of course the 4x400m because they are the same type of race, of course there are some differences being a relay..the other two events i do for fun and because we have to have at least three events at any given meet.

my current PR in the 400m is 59.7 electronic at one of the last meets of the season, but last season was horrible, with injury after injury so i never got a chance to be completely healthy and run my best.

the first meet of the season i ran a 58.6 hand timed, which is about 59.7 electronic, give or take, so it took me almost the whole season to get back to where i started, so this year im ready to tear it up, my coach thinks he can have me running mid to low 54's, so my goal is to make districts this year.

wow, long answer to short question, but any other things you guys want to know just ask...



Nah man, sounds awesome.

As a volleyball player my training actually resembles sprint training as the energy systems are pretty similar and relative power is at a premium.

I'm looking forward to this.


well i figured i would post this to keep me accountable so to speak...

My Goals by track season

Weight: 165 and cut (at least visible abs, i was at that point in august without focus on diet im naturally pretty skinny, so i figure i can do it again)
Bench: 205x5, 225x2
Squat: 275-295x20 (not sure how far my 20 rep max has fallen, used to be aroun 245)
Deadlift: 295x1 or 2, dont think 315 for a single is feasable
Clean: 185x5
Clean and Jerk: 185

while im at it, my goals for track season:

100m: 12.3 or less (12.98 last season)
200m: 25.?, last season could hit 26's in practice, hit 27.4 in a meet
400m: district qualifying time, 53-54
4x400m: make varsity and districts/regionals, shouldnt be very hard as we have a kid who is number 1 seed in the state in the 400m, but i have to convince him to run the relay first :smiley:


ok my current bench press is 180, got 175 easy, got 185 half way up, stupid college gym doesnt have 2 1/2 lb plates grrr...im off to a commercial gym tonight after work to test my DL or Squat, and probably either pullups or dips...


what time period for accomplishing your goals?
if your other lifts are 40-50lbs off from your goals like your bench, 3-5 months would be a reasonable time frame. Any less than 3 months would be acheivable, especially with a new lifter, but it would be a stretch for most intermediate lifters.
as far as the track times, i'm just starting to work on speed training, so can't offer much there. this log is a very good idea, i'm sure you'll get plenty of input and hopefully motivation. good luck on your goals.


ignore my question. i read back and found the dates. 16 weeks is a realistic time frame.


actually i have found that track starts a month earlier this year, which means more tiem to achieve my running goals, less to achieve my strength goals, however we'll see how things go...


finally got my first workout of Designer Athletes done! had some problems signing up for the gym...which delayed my starting the program. Leg day was hell...i can barely walk, and i cant believe how weak ive gotten, im going to have to ajust my goals...here it is:

Squat 5x10: 135/155/175/180/185lbs

Romanian Deadlift 4x6: 135/155/175/185
i will go heavier on these next time

Lunges 4x5(per leg): BW/BW/20/40
my legs were dead, so i pussed out the first sets, the bodyweight sets still hurt like hell though

Leg Curl 3x6: 50/60/70lbs
again i kind of pussed out, but after pushing squats hard i didnt really have anything left for RDL, let alone Leg curls

Seated Calf Raise 2x8: 90/90 will go lighter and get better ROM next time...

today im off to do upper body...yay... wish me luck