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My Workout, Is It Good Enough?


Hi, I am 21, 85 kg (190 pounds), 197cm (6'46), 5 years in bodybuilding, so please help me :slight_smile: mission - MASS.

Squat 5x8
Leg Press 5x8
Leg extension 5x8
Leg curls 5x8
Stiff leg deadlift 5x8
Standing calves 5x15

Bench press 5x8
Pull ups 5x8
Military press 5x8
T-Bar 5x8
Dips 5x8
Cable triceps extension 5x15


Have you ever tried a body part split?

You need way more volume on a muscle than that. Evidence: you've been at this 5 years ...! In 5 years you should be ALOT bigger.

What do you eat?


Well here we go again. You need start reading the posts/articles around this site first, and provide more information about what you're doing, plus you completely left out any mention of your diet.



No, you really don't. His problem with putting on size is related to not eating enough. Not the volume. There are plenty of people who've used even less volume and put on size.


Agree on the food, as I said in my initial post.

However, show me one bodybuilder or even anyone with an impressive physique who got that way off training twice a week with most body parts hit with 5 sets a week, or in the case of this guy, some groups are not even hit directly once.


Twice a week? Maybe not. He doesn't say he's only doing this routine twice a week though. I can show you plenty of people that have gotten quite enormous lifting 3 times a week, doing only 1 set per body part. DC training can do wonders.


Dense food plus plenty protein is what you need.

I got most of my gains from an upper/lower split, but that's because I ate for it. Not ideal for a "pure bodybuilding" point of view, but it worked.

Shopping list:

Nuts (e.g. peanut butter)
Milk (full fat)
Protein powder (even a cheap one will do)


If you're a lazy cook, blend half your meals (shakes). Add cream to them if you have to lol

Get your bodyweight up monthly, strength up weekly and you'll fill out nicely


4 times a week


I have a genetics that i can have JUST lean mass on my body, so i am cut, i have low fat level


What do you eat now?


boy oh boy oh boy ..........


lots of meat,eggs,spaghetti,potatoes... :smiley:


Be more specific, eg. Breakfast: 3 scrambled eggs on 2 slices wholegrain bread and a 40g shake with 1.5 cups oats and 2 Bananas. ETC. you get the idea.



"Just so you know, "But Coach, I eat a ton!" is the catch phrase of the dietary fuck up. When I hear it, it's assured that I'm dealing with a 160-pound. keyboard warrior who considers cereal, orange juice, and Super NO-Xplosion 4000 a healthy bodybuilding breakfast."

I'm a beginner, so I have nothing to say about your routine, but I don't think I've ever seen anyone on this forum who was serious about their diet respond to the question "What do you eat now?" with a list of general foods. An answer should be almost immediately broken down into a calorie level, specific meals, and rough macro levels.


simply put - no, if this is the way you look like after 5 years? you might need to start look at another hobby. Or look at your nutrition.


But you don't understand - he has a genetics!


BRB Observing Genetics


Damn, your right, what I can say about my diet is just about LUNCH - (300-400)g meat or fish and 200g pasta or potatoes or rice and vegetables(sometimes 0g).
Other meals is just something to not feel hungry :confused:


as the op states he has dem genez , dat lbm , hes cut and he haz dem abs i stand in ore ...............


Yeah, we might have all just gotten trolled.