My Workout - Ideas Appreciated

Monday - Mixed Calisthenics, HiiT session (This is course I have to take at school, so I can’t take this off)

Tuesday - Upper Push
Bench Press 5x5
Incline DB Press 3x8
BB Shoulder Press 3x8
Close-Grip BB 3x8
Chest Dips 5x5

Wednesday - Lower Push +Abs
Squat 5x5
Leg Press 3x6
Leg Ext 3x10
Calf Raise 4x10

Thursday - Either Light Cardio, HiiT or Rest (Probably Last)

Friday - Upper Pull + Bench + Abs
Bench Press 5x5
Lat Pulldown 3x8
Pendlay Row 5x5
BB Curl 4x8

Saturday - Lower Pull
Deadlift - 5x5
Stiff Leg DL - 3x8
Lying Leg Curl - 3x10
Goodmorning - 3x8
Seated Calf Raise - 4x10

Sunday - Off

If you think I should add or change anything, by all means.

Judging by the set/rep scheme i’d say your trying to bulk, and if thats the case it may be wiser to only lift 3 days a week (since you have to perform cardio one day a week for your class), and cut up the program accordingly.

personally I dont see much growth when I do too much cardio during a bulk, so I try to do only a day a week of HIT. I like the program pretty much, good use of compound movements and isolation. Good Luck.

Yeah man, Mondays are for school course. Anyone else?

What are pendelay rows?

Seems unbalanced to me. You have a lot of benching and overhead work on Monday and more benching and shoulder work later in the week. You don’t have an equal amount of rowing or “horizontal pulling” and not enough vertical pulling exercises to balance things.

Leg days look okay, but it’s obvious that you are putting a lot more emphasis on upper body.

It’s about even, 10 and 10. And I want to cover at least one of my big moves once a day, so I was thinking Bench on once, and incline Bench the other. Maybe add some chins?

[quote]rgb321 wrote:
What are pendelay rows?[/quote]

Stricter form of BB Row… life more with biceps, and the weights hit the floor during each rep… usually able to lift more as well