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My Workout Help

Hello everyone I am new here but i have been working out off and on for 2 years now do to being in the Marine Corp. I just started documenting my workouts starting yesterday and I wanted to post them here as I did them so I could get some helpfull information. I am only 18 158 pounds 5’7 have a really good diet try to consume 1.5-2g protien per body pound I am in very good shape still around 10%BF though. enough about me here is the workout i did monday JUN 04

bb bench 135x10x2 (warm up)
db bench 65x12x1
“” “” 70x10x1
“” “” 75x10x1
db incl 55x10x3
“” “” fly 30x10x1
“” “” 35x10x1
“” “” 40x10x1
bb dec 135x15x1
“” “” 135x12x2
seat fly 110x15x3

backhand PD 30x15x3
rope PD 70x15x3

Kickbacks 15x12x2
BB behind head 60x10x2

That was mondays workout. My max on bench is 245pounds. Today Tue I am doing back n bi’s and suggestions on that as well?

too much volume, not enough intensity

try to keep overall reps around 25-50 per muscle group, adjust weight accordingly

train your whole body, not just from your waist up

Ya total reps can be tricky. I usually try to split it up between 20ish high intensity reps and then 20ish low intensity reps to really work all the fibers of the muscle not just the big ones.

except deadlift I just do around 40 reps on that with as much as I can do because all the other hammie exercises aren’t that effective in my experience.