My Workout? Do I need to change it for Fat loss?


Just wondering if this current workout is going to be effective in helping me lose fat and keep my LBM.

Monday, Wed, Friday

3x5 deadlifts
3x5 squats
3x5 chins
3x5 benchpress/d’bell press
5x5 ab excercise (various from T-mag)

Alternated with 2 sessions of aerobic excercise. 7km’s jogging/walking, 500m swim or 12km’s bike riding@approx 20km/h.

Saturday - Wakeboarding.

Sunday - off

I have a high level of BF 20% and I am wondering if this workout is going to do what I need? IS it okay or should I just go and do meltdown or F2F… I kind of enjoy this one so if it looks like it is going to cover all bases then i would prefer to stick with it.

I tried the 5x5 program but it left me too tired and I couldn’t wakeboard my 1 fun day of the week so I not too keen on that.

As for diet - reading the diet manifesto and havn’t decided yet which course of action to take. I am generally trying to eat as low carb as possible with the ocasional lapse.

I am working on my discipline in this area and will most likey go for somthing like t-dawg II.

Anyway let me know what you all think.

Looks like a great workout to me, but you might have to take it down to 2 sets instead of 3 if you’re doing it 3 times a week. Try it and see how it works.

T-dawg 2 is probably your best bet. Also read “The Cheater’s Diet.”

Are you taking any supplements?

Squats and deads target many of the same muscles. 6 sets of heavy leg work 3 times a week might be a bit much. It also seems like it could be balanced out a little better - some horizontal rowing and vertical pressing would be good to add in somewhere. Try something like this:

Day 1:
Squat 3x5
Bench Press 3x5
Bentover Row 3x5
Abs (rotation, ab flexion)

Day 2:
Deadlift 3x5
Overhead Press 3x5
Chins 3x5
Abs (side flexion, hip flexion)

Just alternate between the two. That would introduce some more variety and spread out your leg work a little more.

I’d second what Kim had to say. Just a query on the attempted 5x5 workout though- Did you try to do the same sort of workout with 5x5? If so, no wonder you burned out. I would say 5x5 would be an excellent alternative for you here, but you need to do a SPLIT. Don’t worry, the volume will still feel like plenty. And with the right level of intensity (and diet as well of course) I’ve found in the past that guys I’ve prescribed this for are leaning/cutting up pretty quick.

There are many variations of the 5x5 routine. Joel Marion (the expert advocate on this topic) may want to chip in here, and you can check out his article in the archives. The basic premise is K.I.S.S.

A split that I have found works well (which I copied from a T-mag post on this subject- whoever originally posted, thanks, as I can’t remember your name!) is: (all sets 5x5 unless stated otherwise)

Mon) Power clean


Calf raise 3x12-15

Weds) Bench Press


BB Rows

Friday) D/L

push press

Shrugs 3x10

Continue with the cardio on the off days (or the on-days if necessary time-wise and you can stand it). However I might try, for a body shake-up, some HIIT vs the longer training you have been doing (e.g. sprints, speed jumping rope, rowing sprints etc). I promise you’ll be just as tired in 1/4 to 1/2 the time, and it’ll boost your metabolism big-time too.

As far as the diet is concerned, T-Dawg sounds a good way to go. You could also try a modification of “Massive Eating” with a lower level of calorie intake. Depends if you’re just starting, or you’ve been working at it already for a while.
Hope this helps. Good luck, SRS