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My Workout / Diet / Supplements

Here’s my story:

I’m a 20 year old college student. I’m 6’2, weigh around 190-195, and have about 10% bodyfat. That’s a complete guess. You can see my abs quite well on a good day, but they could probably do with a bit more muscle on them and I could do with losing a few percent before summer. I have basically a 12 week period until summer, and I’d like to make a mini transformation.

I have no specific goals, beyond just looking better in the mirror and getting stronger and healthier overall. Indeed, if I looked the same in the mirror after gaining 10lbs as I did after gaining 30, then I’d rather gain 10 for health’s sake-- the scales reading has no bearing on my self-esteem. That being said, to get where I want to be I’ll probably have to gain 15-20lbs and lose a bit of bodyfat.

I’m also looking to eat alot of clean, whole foods and just generally become a healthier person, extending my longevity. I was recently (unofficially) diagnosed with reactive hypoglycemia after feeling faint after large meals. Apparently, my insulin secretes too much insulin and lowers my blood sugar too much. So I am at a high risk for diabetes-- also, my great grandfather and father have it.

So I am not only interested in looking better/getting stronger, but also leading a healthy lifestyle that will help me live longer and better. Sort of an all encompassing goal.

As if that wasn’t enough, I’ve also sorely been missing team/contact sports since high school, and would like to start playing rugby and maybe boxing, in addition to a bit of soccer (I’m a GK). So naturally, I’d like to incorporate a bit of specific conditioning as well as having my program be somewhat functional and applicable. I’m not looking to turn pro, but some extra strength/speed/power/agility would be nice. I wouldn’t mind incorporating a boxing conditioning workout or two a week, but I have no idea how to do this.

Again, the overarching emphasis is health and longevity. I’ve done quite a bit of reading, and considering alot of different programs/diets thusfar.

As far as training is concerned, I obviously want to stick to the compounds-- and have read and considered ironaddicts stuff, HIs program, the DC stuff, Mentzer HIT, DeFranco’s WSFSB program, Pavel Tsatsouline’s books, Ori Hoflmeker’s (sp?) warrior workout, etc. What would probably be best for my goals? Probably DeFranco’s…anyway, let me know your thoughts. I also read somewhere that Ryan Reynolds, when prepping for Blade 2 and Amityville Horror, did 500-1000 abs before each workout. I don’t want to turn this into a celeb bashing post, but is there any merit in this? I wouldn’t mind having those abs…It would also probably help with my sporting goals.

As far as cardio is concerned, I like Dante’s approach of low intensity AEROBIC work, for 30-45 minutes in the morning after a whey shake and some green tea 3-6 times a week. For health, this also probably makes sense. I keep reading how anaerobic/interval training is best for fatloss, but I’ve also read that this sort of training is very unhealthy for the body until an aerobic base has been established. Low intensity aerobic activity, apparently, is alot healthier as it floods your cells with oxygen. Makes alot of sense. Any merit?

Diet is probably my most important consideration, given my goals and health problems/concerns. I also like Dante’s diet ideas, namely counting protein grams, nothing else, lots of healthy fats, and a carb cutoff. Coupled with the cardio and an intense routine, this is supposed to shed fat while building muscle, which would be perfect for my (and everyone else’s!) goals.

I’ve also considered the typical mass diet, but am worried about gaining any fat. The massive eating diet is also appealing, but I am unsure how my hypoglycemia would react. The warrior diet, adapted to my needs, also is appealing, especially from a health standpoint. Harvey Diamond’s Fit For Life (and more of these natural hygiene concepts) are very appealing from a health standpoint, but how will these assist my physique goals? Any ideas? Is it possible to gain muscle while leaning out at the same time? How?

As far as supplements, I’ll be taking an awesome multiviatmin, probably VitaminWorld’s GreenSource, in double dosage. Is doubling the dosage alright? Will I have to get the iron free version and then supplement with iron seperately? I’ll also be doing an arginine/ornithinine/lyseine combo, coral calcium, a small amount of glutamine and creatine postworkout, and some whey concentrate. I’m considering chromium and CLA for my goals and for my hypoglycemia.

I’ve heard people rave about Glucorell-R (R-ALA) for insulin sensitivity, would this help? Is it possible to take this for extended time periods…would a resistance or dependence build?

Some other herbs might come into play for overall health (ginseng, st. john’s wort, royal jelly?)-- not sure. I was also considering beverly’s ultra 40 and mass stack, but this is probably more expensive than the benefits would be worth. I will probably get some of those trio-plex bars also, depending on my diet. Oh, I also have a good quality juicer, so will be having a glass of fresh vegetable juice in the mornings (any recipe ideas?). Any help/suggestions would be appreciated-- I’m terribly sorry for the long winded post.

PS- I haven’t trained consistently for a couple of years, would some pics help?

Soooooooooo, what are ya waitin’ for???
Lift some weights, eat some food, take your supplements and have a good summer.