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My Workout CD


I workout at home in my basement, and I love to listen to music while I lift. I love to listen to some pretty hard rock to get me pumped. Here is my current workout CD that I burnt. I was just wondering what some of your guys favorite songs and bands were to lift to.

Breaking Benjamins- Firefly
Breaking Benjamins- Sooner or Later
Deftones- Change
Motorhead-The Game
Drowning Pool- Tear Away
Future Leaders of the World- Let me out
Godsmack- Keep Away
Icepick- Born to Crush You
Kid Rock- Bawitaba
Killswitch Engage- My last serenade
Korn- Blind
Limp Bizkit- Break Stuff
Mudvayne- Dig
Pantera- Walk
Powerman 5000- The way it is
Rage against the Machine- Wake Up
Rammstien- Feuer Frei
Saliva- Superstar
Slipknot- Wait and Bleed
Staind- King of all Excuses
Static X- Push it
System of a Down- Sugar
System of a Down- Chop Suey


I like to listen to heavy metal when I'm lifting - my top 5 bands would be:

  1. Pantera
  2. Slayer
  3. Metallica
  4. Death
  5. Damageplan

And in spite of myself I also quite like to listen to some nu-metal when I'm working out. Stuff like Disturbed, Kid Rock, Limp Bizkit, Slipknot and Rammstein would be some of my favourites.

Can't beat Pantera and Damageplan though - perfect lifting music.


Hell yea... RIP Dimebag, your music lives on


Just do a search...this very subject has at least ten threads dedicated to it.


Sure but who wants to read like 250 pages of ish...

I listen to Hardcore & on Leg days I will through in some Militant xStraight Edgex which always gets my pumped up...

Bands I dig:

Seventh Star
August Burns Red
A Well Thought Tragedy
Black My Heart
Bury Your Dead
Purified In Blood
xDeath Starx