My workout and one problem question sorry for the lenghty post

Ok so I eat according to eating massive specifications. Diet wise I am happy with everything I am losing fat and gaining muscle due to the new stimulus I am putting on my body. Here is my workout. Monday & wed and Friday

  1. Two handed swing with Kettle bell 25 reps 2. Single arm snatch with kb 5 reps each arm 3. Single arm swing with kb 25 reps each arm.

Perform the above 3 times in a row with 45 second rest between.

Skip rope 3 minutes one min active rest.

  1. Shoulder keg 50 reps each side. Usually 5 sets of 10.
  2. put keg on right side squat 50 reps Usually 5 sets of 10.

1 set each side of each exercise then rest 2 minutes in between Example shoulder it right side 10 reps, shoulder it left side 10 reps, squat it left side 10 reps, squat it right side 10 reps, then rest 2 minutes. Then repeat 4 more times.

Then I do one set of Dead lifts except to involve the back more I pull it to my chin instead of just to my waist per normal dl. I do as many reps as I can of this one set till I fail or run out of breath.

rest 2 minutes.

Then bear hug the keg and lift it bear hug style as many reps as I can get one set. Then drink my surge and collapse.

Tuesday Thursday and Saturday.

25 reps of two handed kb swing.

3minutes rope skip 1 minute active rest.

Davies abdominal circuit from his book Training for Football.

Added wheel work. Using abdominal wheel just cheap wheel with handle style.

Leg ups

Saxon side bends.

Bent press.

This workout is making me strong as a horse the only problem is it seems my left calf cannot keep up with the work load it is constantly sore. Everything else heals and gets tore up in proper order. Any ideas. I have checked my form etc. The only thing I can think of is that at 230lbs 5’11 15%bf too much pounding with the jump rope. What would you sub the jump rope for in the warm-up section of the workout. Also where would you add heavy stretching routine ala Pavel? I would guess it would be best after abs on tues, thurs, sat. All opinions desired. This is a brutal workout. Oh yeah I forgot to tell ya put water in the keg for weight it is much more unstable that way. I am making some great gains on this. I am able to add 5-8 lbs per week to my keg and keep up the pace. I do not expect to be able to do this more than 4 weeks without a break for my body but it is really kicking ass. I took ideas from Pavel, Coach Davies, and Steve Justa.

Knuckle- sounds like a lot of fun! You are a Russian Renegade Dinosaur, huh? If you really want to increase flexiblity, stretch everyday! But as far as heavy stretching - after T, Th, Sat. workouts seems like a good idea to me. As far as the left calf, I wouldn’t take out rope work. I think that the rope work will, over time, increase your recovery ability. Especially in the calves. Hope that helps.
In faith - Matt

There are several things that could becausing the problem with your left calve (everything from blood vessel restriction to nerve blockage), only a professional with be able to tell for sure. However, in the mean time you can use an ice cup on your calve before and after your workout. Much like pitchers do. Put water in a styrofoam cup and then place it in the freezer. Rub the affected area for fifteen minutes before and after your workout. Best of Luck.