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My Working Weight with Squats is Pathetic


I've been working out for around 3 months and the weight I use to squat for 5x5 reps is ~130. My form is usually decent as I have somebody who really understands squatting watching it for me whenever I workout. I weigh around 165 pounds, 5'11", and I'm a skinny-fat ectomorph.

Is there anything I can do to get my squat up? My deadlift is always way ahead of it (220 for 5 reps with decent form).


What was it when you started? Are you adding weight to the bar each workout? Also, eat more. Nothing will at weight to your squat like gaining 20 lbs.


When I first started, it was 115.

How much should I be aiming to increase it by each week? I can probably do around 140 for 2-3 reps with good form, but after that, my form craps out.


What other work are you doing for your legs?

I ask because you should try some different exercises for a while and then come back to the squat. I am willing to bet that your squat will improve.

Try doing hack squats, single leg bulgarian split squats, split squats, single leg romanian deadlift, sumo deadlift etc.....

Pick 2 or three and do it for 3-4 weeks then you can go back and try regular back squats again. Most likely your Back squat will be improved.

I had the same problem until i decided to back off and do some other leg exercises. when I came back to the squat I had improved by about 15 lbs on my 10 rep max.


Squats, SLDLs, and calf-raises are the only leg work I do.


Work hard at squat, but as already mentioned work your legs on other exercises to make them stronger. Heavy Leg Press, heavy romanian deadlift,etc etc will all improve your leg muscles.


As assistance exercises,,you should focus on 1) split squats,,2) stiff legged deadlifts,,3) Good mornings,,4) any weighted ab move...and do walkouts with 50 lbs over your working weight


So you've added 5 lbs per month to your squat. Like others have said, changing up exercises should help. Also, as a beginner, you should be able to at 15lbs a week to your squat once you have your form down if you do it right. What does your overall workout look like?


its been three months. keep squatting and the weights will go up.





Squat more with various volume/loads. You only have been squatting for 3 months, I squatted for years and I still suck. The only way to get better at a skill (squat) is to do more of it. Use different rep schemes - 5X5, 4X8, 3X12 etc...

Then when you have squatted for at least a year or more, focus on what your weak points are. Does you form on the heavier squats break down in terms of bending at the waist, or knees caving in when standing up, etc... Depending on what type of problem you are having, you can work on supplementary exercises. I was having a real problem with bending at the waist so I did good mornings, back extensions, Romanian deadlifts, as well as more direct ab work. Still sucks but not as bad.


No need for assistance exercises for now. Just keep on adding weight every week or session. You should be able to progress to at least 225lb just by weekly progression. Just to echo the above post, keep on squatting.


and this is where your problem is.

I do squats, deads (or GMs or lunges), pull-throughs, glute ham raises, all in one workout. You have to work on the weak muscle groups or you'll be stagnant forever. Practicing only the full squat or deadlift in a training week is only good for

a) people built for the lift. They don't need a lot of assistance work in order to progress.

b) people trying to build on motor learning principles to increase strength via CNS coordination and firing patterns.

c) people who's main goal isn't to squat more.

Sample workouts from my past, when I was much weaker:

squat, deadlift, lunge, bulgarian squat

squat, front squat, step ups, pull throughs

deadlift, front squat, pull throughs glut ham raises

box squats, deadlifts, lunges, back raises, bulgarian squats.

front squats, lunges, single leg squats, bulgarian squats.

I did 4-5 movements, with at least 2 being heavy compound exercises. The others were for weak muscle groups or hypertrophy.

Do more work. You'll get stronger.


No offense, but that's kind of stupid. There's no reason to wait an entire year to do assistance work when you could be making faster progress by doing assistance work right now.


I feel like this needs to be stated every day on these forums. People seem to be under this entitlement mentality where they think beginners don't "deserve" to do various exercises yet, even though they would be making better progress and avoiding sticking points.


I think anyone can do any exercise whenever they want regardless of their training age. Since the OP has only been working out with weights for 3 months, I was unsure if he needed to do much supplementary exercises at all. I am sure variety will help but would it help his squats per say, when he might just need to just squat more/often.