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My Work Out (Help Please)

First off I would like to say hello to everyone out there and that this is a Kick AZZ site.

I was hoping that you guys could look at my work out and tweak it or show me a new one if its that bad. I have been on this work out for the last year and have got some good results, but I really want to reach my 1st goal which is a 300lbs bench. After that the sky is the limit.

Bench 5x5 225
Incline 5x7 185
Decline 5x7 225
Lat Pull downs 5x10
Low Rows 5x10
Military Front and Back 5x10 95lbs (embarassed about that one)
Squat 5x10 315
DB Curls 5x10

If you need my max’s they are as follows.
I am 5’10 180
Bench 275
squat 415
DL ?

Thank you all for your help.

Oh yea and one last thing I like the full body workouts if that helps.

You mentioned you’ve been on this for a year. You need to constantly rotate exercises in order to progress at a much faster rate.

Louie Simmons (powerlifting guru) mentioned that if you were to bring 1 book with you to a desert Island, you can read it 100 times and gain very little benefit. Rotate exercises every 3 or 4 weeks. For example dipping instead of benching, deadlifting instead of squatting and chin-ups etc…

YOu also need to incoporate exercises for hamstrings. The most beneficial ones are glute-ham raises, straight-legged deadlifts and good mornings (if your form is good).

Just my 0.02 cents.

Thanks man Ill get right on that any more help would be great.

step one: go to the left and click “articles”

step two: click “training”

step three: read till your eyes bleed

Rethink your plan.

You are doing 8 total exercises4 of which are pushes, 3 pulls and 1 Friggin lower body movement. So you are giving the largest group of muscles the Least work (core and legs) and are majorly unbalanced on the push pull work.

I suggest start by picking a program from the site. Then maybe later design soething a bit better on your own.

Just my 2 cc,

You said you first goal is to get a 300 bench, why don’t you train for it, go with westside or that bench specialisation program CT put out not too long ago.

Im brand new to this web site and I just want to say thanks for the help again. Today Im going to go read the articles till my eyes bleed and bust it hard in the gym tomorrow. I have to say this site is very helpful. The last site I was at all they did was argue about who was right and who was wrong. But everyone here has been very supportive even though Im a NOOB.



try defranco’s westside for skinny bastards, do a search on this site, i had great success on this, although it’s not 3 full body w/o’s, i think youll be pleased

Everybody starts somewhere.
Glad you posted. We can help!

Good to have a goal in mind.

Here’s some tips:
Balance in exercises!

Did I mention rest or stretch?

I would also pick up Ian Kings “How to write strength training programs books along with the complete Get buffed” series!
They will help immensely.