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My Winter Conditioning

I thought I would share what I started doing on programmed conditioning days over the winter since it is usually dark and cold when I get home in the evenings and I can not get outside:

Airdyne at a steady pace for ten minutes

Then I get off and do the following circuit without resting between exercises:

  • Bodyweight Squat x 10
  • Push-Up x 10
  • Alternating Reverse Lunge x 10 per leg
  • Bodyweight Inverted Row x 10
  • Glute Bridge x 10
  • Band Pull-Apart x 10
  • Bodyweight Back Extensions x 10

Then back on the Airdyne.

I repeat this 3 times.

I usually do this Tuesdays and Fridays after lifting days. Saturdays I will push the Prowler depending on weather.

It took a few weeks to get use to but I actually feel good after each session.

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I go swimming at the Y’s indoor pool and shovel snow. For better or for use, Iowa only has three weeks of snow now instead of three months.

I just train while it’s dark and cold outside.

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This looks like great conditioning, and not boring.

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