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My Wife


Worth a listen:


She has a nice voice man.




Thanks guys.


She pulls off the shaved head look rather well.




Damn, that sounds good.

Does she sing professionally?


No, but I think it'd be a waste if she doesn't give it a shot. It took me ages to convince her to upload some videos, because she's so self-critical.

This one's good as well:

I made this thread because she's got some respect for T-Nation after implementing lots of the articles to drop a load of weight after our third child.


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While she is no Adele, she pulled that song off. Very talented, and pretty too, with a distinct "look" to her. She definitely needs to pursue this talent of hers.

Oh and do me a favor, tell her to record the music in a different room. I mean c'mon, in front of a fridge? lol :slight_smile:


You are a lucky dude.


I agree she has a very unique look to her which would probably play well in her favour.

Side discussion: Did we ever figure out why British people do not sound British when singing?


I was thinking the same thing haha. It has always been a huge mystery to me


She looks like my art history professor.
She also made that shitty song from that HBO show sound tolerable.
Kudos on both fronts.


American is the universal singing accent for some reason.

Wsk, get her to record a demo professionally and see what comes of it. Perhaps a few lessons to take better control of her voice first, because there is some real potential here.



Doing open mic nights for the last few months has helped, and hopefully posting videos will as well.

She showed me. Those were kind words - thanks. It made her smile.

She tried that in 2004, but she didn't get past the first round, despite the fact that their faces lit up as soon as she opened her mouth.


The reason she's so self-critical is that she's never had any vocal training. I think the fact that she can still have a good attempt at something as difficult as this http://youtu.be/ZMPKYqMqNrw is promising.


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OP: Your wife is beautiful and has a sultry voice. You're lucky to have her sing to you!

Not sure if American is universal. Some British bands sounds decidedly British.

Ever hear "Don't Mug Yourself" by The Streets?


WSK, maybe if you were a better provider, she wouldn't be needing that dollar!


Seriously though... she's beautiful and talented.